Works in Progress

Updated often, this is a list of projects I’m actively working on, their status, and my hoped for completion dates.


* Pieces – Another YA novel set in the real world, this one taking place in Transcona, a small suburb in Winnipeg, MB, CA. This novel will be different in that it will actually be a series of short stories featuring the same dozen or so teens but each story will have the freedom of switching point of view.


* Untitled Anthology on Race – If you are interested in submitting a story to this anthology, details can be found here: This is an anthology that I am publishing.


* Roses of Airon – a short story. This is the prequel to the series and will be appearing in AuthorAuthor’s first anthology being released shortly. It is complete and edited.

* Book 1 – first draft 90% (approx) complete but handwritten. TO DO: type first draft by October 31st (editing as I type makes that the second draft), first read-through by a beta, edits (after NaNo), second read-through, possible second round edits.

* Book 2 – outline to be completed by October 31. First draft to be written (by hand) as 2014 NaNo project. OTHER: typing, read-through, edits, read-through.

* Books 3-5 – basic premise outlined, otherwise not started.


* I’m not sure where I stand with this. The background work is nearly done. The calendar of events is done. Many of the scenes exist is some form or another. Major edits, rewrites, and additions required. This is my “in between” project at the moment.


*We Will Not Go Quietly – originally a short story (now being published by Witty Bard Publishing) I submitted it to a screen play contest. The screen play will be finished by the end of the week (first draft). I find out if I get the award (which includes editing assistance and marketing assistance) at the end of November.

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