The Nano Vent Post

Maybe this is going to sound like a flounce post but I need to be completely honest – I’m starting to lose faith in this group. Like Jaime in Rise of the Guardians, sitting on his bed waiting for proof that the Easter Bunny really does exist, I’m sitting here waiting for some sign that the average person can find support in a group like this. My serious questions go unanswered. My self-promos get no likes, no sales, no responses of any kind. I’m not one of the half dozen “chosen ones” who get their promotional links bumped by admins because they are loved.

I wouldn’t be saying this if this was the first time. But I’m sort of nearing an edge. What’s the point of belonging to a writing group if you ask a writing related question and everyone ignores you because there’s a “post your pet” thread posted a minute later? What’s the point of self-promo Friday if we’re all just shouting into the void, unheard? That makes us no better than the mass promo pages.

I’m not an unrealistic person. I understand that everyone likes different genres but there are thousands of members in this group and you’re telling me that not ONE of them likes contemporary realistic fiction? I understand that people can’t always fit a new book into the budget, even when it’s on sale. But I was under the impression we were a group that supported each other, a group that replied to promos with “good luck”s and “looks interesting”s and other such nice things. I thought this was a group where we all wanted everyone to succeed. Can’t buy it? Bump the thread, share it. I get it, it’s Camp Nano, y’all are creating, not reading, but we all brag about TBR piles so buy now read later isn’t a new concept to any of us.

I love this group. I haven’t had the time to do Nano in a while but I stick around because I’ve made friends here, names I recognize. I like to interact with other people, other writers. I offer help, answer questions, answer polls, like pages, follow people on Twitter and then actually interact with their pages and their twitter accounts. But after six years of Nano, and a lot of them spent as a part of this group, I’m starting to feel like “what’s the point?” You can only give your time and attention and support for so long before you feel drained. It’s mutual support that keeps you feeling like you’re a part of the group.

Yes, someone noted that I have a small publishing services “company” and offered to list me in the new group being set up. But again, what’s the point?

I’ve lost faith in writing groups.

But no. I’m not leaving just yet. I just needed to vent.