Camp Nano and Other Updates

It’s nearing the end of April and that means the end of National Novel Writing Month’s first Camp Nano of the year is coming to an end. With my birthday and Easter both landing in April this year, as well as coming into the month way behind on the house work, I opted out of the challenge this month. To all the crazy Nanoers out there who are attempting, best of luck on the home stretch!

In other news, I’ve been absent from my blog for two reasons: I don’t have home internet, I have to use my grandmother’s connection, but that should be fixed this spring. Second, I was hired by a publisher to put out a series of romance novels under the pen name Megan Faust and part of the contract was blogging five times each week on Megan’s blog. That kept me too busy to update my own blog (unfortunately).

I can’t promise how often I’ll be able to update but I’m hoping for once each week. I have plans for several blog entries, and series, on the craft of writing, the challenges of writing, and creating in general, when you have preschool aged children,¬†and the minefield of freelance writing that I’ve been attempting to navigate this past year.