The Way the Muse Turns

Okay, July 8th, just a day over the first week of Nano and what a start to the month it’s been. My original goal was to write 50,000 words in 31 days. The first 30k were to be a romance novella, then a 10k short story, then two 4k shorts (48k) and then 2k on my next romance novella.

Well, my muse has run away with me. I’ve completely abandoned the 4k shorts. I’ve decided they aren’t suitable for the contest I wanted to put them in and I’m not interested in writing them right now. I’ve put the 10k story on the backburner and replaced it with a different 10k short. And I’ve upped my word goal to 80,000 words in 31 days.

So where am I going to make up those last 60k? I’m going to write two more romance novellas. I wrote one back in May. (Off the Market is available on Amazon for about a dollar) and I had planned to write two more, following the MC’s two younger siblings. The publisher didn’t need anything in that sub-genre so I wrote my camp project, Liar Liar, which has just been sent off.

Yeah, you’re reading that right. 30k in 8 days. A new record and the reason I’m upping my word goal to match. With that out of the way I plan to write those two proposed romance novellas and store them until the publisher wants them. Then I’m going to write my short story.

Instead of a short story about a girl in an apocalyptic situation I’m writing one about a dream demon at the beginning of the world. Very excited and looking forward to entering it for consideration in an anthology.

But it’s getting close to bed time for my two little distractions, and I’m rewarding myself with junk food and a movie tonight. Tomorrow my husband is giving me 8 hours to sit at the library and write. And I plan to write 5k on a romance novella and 5k on my short.

I’ll check in at the next milestone!

Signing off…


Camp Nano Schedule

Well, it’s officially July and I’m participating in Camp Nano. Check out for details on the event.

I will be doing 4 separate projects this month for a total word count of 50,000 words in 31 days. My first project is a romance novella I was contracted to write. It is titled Liar, Liar and the contract requires 30,000 words. When that’s done I have a short story I want to write for a possible anthology about women in “end of the world” scenarios. 5-10k word limit, I’ll be luck to keep it under 10k. The last 10k will be two short stories for another possible anthology. These are titled “Through the Open Door” and “No Place Like Home”. Technically they have to max out at 4k each leaving me 2k short for the month so the last 2k will be jumpstarting my next romance novella – Overhauled.

That’s 1667 words per day with 1667 extra words up for grabs with the extra day (since Nano is only 30 days).

Then, on August 1st I take possession of my new house while trying to maintain a grueling writing schedule, but more on that in August.

Liar, Liar should be complete by July 18th. My end of the world story should be done by the 24th. The two short stories I’ll work on whenever my muse abandons me and I should have them done by the 28th. That leaves 3 days to start Overhauled or catch up whatever isn’t yet finished.

How does a mother of two accomplish something like this? My birthday happens to be in April and for my birthday this year I asked for 1 day a month where I could go to the library for 8 hours to get caught up on my writing. Since I was house hunting in May, and since June was full of Real Estate paperwork and family visits I missed 2 of those work days. So I will be claiming 3 library shifts this month. Three Tuesdays of peace and quiet and no internet connection. I should fly through this.

Also, I work by hand a lot. I keep a 6×9 notebook by my side and as long as my kids aren’t trying to kill each other I write. I can type an average of 40 WPM and max out at 90 WPM so if I’m copying my WPM is higher than if I’m trying to create while I write. That always speeds up the process.

I’m an avid outliner so by July 1st I’ll have all 4 pieces outlined, scene-by-scene which will cut down on the stop and think time and increase available writing time.

Lastly, I won’t be on here as often. Actually, it’s the 27th of June as I type this and schedule it for July 1st release. I’ll try to check in upon the completion of each mini goal and at the end of the month.

Signing off for at least a week …