My Review Policy

I review books published by Manitoban authors, and books published by self-published authors or authors who are published with smaller, indie presses. I read in all genres, including some with explicit materials. All reviews will be marked with the book’s genre and the reviews themselves will be clean.

I review on Amazon as well as here on my blog and write honest reviews using a five star system.

5 stars – loved it, no technical issues, no plot issues, would highly recommend.
4 stars – loved it, some issues that pulled me out of the experience, still highly recommended.
3 stars – enjoyed it but for some reason it just didn’t resonate with me, would recommend to specific audiences.
2 stars – didn’t enjoy for reasons of plot, editing, etc. (reason will be specified), not recommended.
1 star – couldn’t finish it for quality reasons, not recommended.

How to Query: Please use the contact form on the blog and include the book’s title, genre, and a bit about the story. Response time to queries is quick, usually within a week. If it’s not something I think I’ll enjoy I won’t review – not every book is for every reader.

What Happens when I Agree to Review Your Book: I’ll ask you to send me the file for the book (can be a .doc .docx .pdf .epub or .mobi) either by email or you can send me a Smashwords coupon code or gift it via Amazon. I’ll schedule you into my list of reviews. I’ll read your book, schedule the review to my blog for the agreed upon date, and there you go. Reviews to Amazon are posted around the same time they appear on the blog.

What the Reviews Look Like: On the blog I write a little bit about the book, without spoilers. I will discuss what I like and what I don’t. All reviews are completely honest. I will only include pictures (book cover or author picture) if these are provided, sorry, I don’t have time to go looking for pictures. (Picture files are not required for a review). I will leave the book a rating out of five stars. A shorter version of the review, generally without the story recap, will be posted to Amazon.

Low-Star Review Policy: I do not guarantee good reviews, only honest reviews. IF I am considering giving a book 2-stars or less I contact the author first and show them the review that would appear on my blog. The author has several choices:
1) A text only review with no star rating mentioned at all posted to the blog and no review on Amazon.
2) The long review with 1-or-2 star rating on the blog, with or without a corresponding review on Amazon.
3) No review is posted on the blog or Amazon.
I never bump star ratings at the author’s request.

Genres: Fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal, spec-fic and all their sub-genres are my favourite. I will also read mystery, thriller, some military thriller, romance (I don’t care if it’s sweet or erotic or somewhere in between but there are some sub-genres I don’t read, like sports romances, and I’m pretty picky so I might be tough on them), horror, historic, and contemporary drama.

Indies: I read almost exclusively indie authors. What does that mean? If you are self-published or with a small or hybrid press or publishing cooperative I’ll look at your books.