I review books published by Manitoban authors, and books published by self-published authors or authors who are published with smaller, indie presses. I read in all genres, including some with explicit materials. All reviews will be marked with the book’s genre and the reviews themselves will be clean.

I review on Amazon as well as here on my blog and write honest reviews using a five star system.

5 stars – loved it, no technical issues, no plot issues, would highly recommend.
4 stars – loved it, some issues that pulled me out of the experience, still highly recommended.
3 stars – enjoyed it but for some reason it just didn’t resonate with me, would recommend to specific audiences.
2 stars – didn’t enjoy for reasons of plot, editing, etc. (reason will be specified), not recommended.
1 star – couldn’t finish it for quality reasons, not recommended.

If you want an honest review please you the contact form to pitch your book. I review every book I buy but I can’t afford to buy every book I review but I do take electronic copies.

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