ReImagined Press Release

Feb 01, 2015 | official release date February 10th.
Read by the author at Jake Epp Library in Steinbach on March 3rd at 7pm.
Call 204-866-4770 to arrange an interview with the Casia Schreyer
Visit for contact details, review copies, photos, and an author bio.

Re-Imagined ~ A Collection of Poems and Short Stories
By renowned Manitoba Author Casia Schreyer

Casia Schreyer author of Nothing Everything Nothing is pleased to present the release of her latest book Re-Imagined, an anthology of poems and short stories. Perhaps nothing reveals the inner workings of an authors mind more than when an author releases one of these collections of frozen experiences. Casia Schreyer does not disappoint with her offering to this compendium. Spanning several years of her work she offers us a look through her eyes. Sometimes humorous, sometimes heartbreaking and always insightful. Casia takes us along on a journey from the thoughts and fantasies of a teenage girl to the very real concerns and feelings of a mature young woman and mother. The true wonder and magic of this book is you come away feeling as though you truly know the author. So if a trip from joyful innocence through to the gut wrenching reality of life sounds good, this is the book for you.


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