Nothing Everything Nothing Press Release

Nov 07 2014 | Winnipeg, MB Canada – Release Event Nov 27th Transcona Public Library 5-8 PM 50% OF PROCEEDS WILL BE DONATED TO Kids Help Phone

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Exploring the Deadly Results of Cyberbullying through eyes of the victim.

Nothing Everything Nothing, a new novel by Casia Schreyer, explores the tumultuous realities of teen suicide and depression through the telling of Molly’s tradgic desent. The title, Nothing Everything, Nothing, sums up depression – you feel you are nothing, the depression becomes everything, there is nothing you can do to stop it – helpless, hopeless, and overwhelmed. That is how Molly, the main character of the novel, feels.
Molly wants to be popular and she’s given the chance to reach for what she wants, even though she’s bigger than society finds attractive, even though she’s from a family that barely gets by financially, and even though she feels socially awkward most of the time. When she refuses to pay popularity’s steep price she becomes the center of a social media scandal. Topless photos, taken by her now ex-boyfriend, are shared leaving Molly open to rude, cruel, and sexual comments.
She feels that no one, not the school, her parents, or the police, can or will stop what is happening to her. Alone, afraid, and hopeless, she attempts suicide.
Her road to recovery is long. There are days when she can’t get out of bed. There are days when she shows an amazing amount of courage and strength, only to turn around and be so hurt by a random encounter that she starts cutting. But in the end there is hope. Molly comes to a point where she can see people care about her, and she can see that there is a future for her. All she needs to do is reach out and accept that future.

Depression is serious. Suicide is serious. Bullying is serious. Teenagers are dying or they run away and end up hooked on drugs or used for sex. We need to be aware of what is happening, and we need to help those who are helping the teens. Author Casia Schreyer draws on the very real life experiences of loved ones to expose the the dangers that confront children in this new age of technology and the often unnoticed changes in our children as they begin slipping into a depression and nightmare filled world. This book, written for young adults, is a book that every parent should read.

Here are some reviews

“This is a very strong novel that touches some sensitive themes and contains some colorful language, so it is not suited for those who are offended easily. That said, it is a definite must read if you want to learn more about virtual bullying and its consequences. Nothing Everything Nothing is a novel I won’t forget soon, and the quote at the beginning of this review is a perfect motto to live by!” – says Yvonne from Goodreads

Cyber bullying is a horrible problem that is on the rise. This book takes you through the pain, trama and harrasement our kids face everyday. It litterally reaches out and pulls you into the life of a teenaged girl struggling her way through, the hardest time of her life.
– Andreas Ganz – OpenVision Media Group

Additonal information can be found at

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