You’ve Written a Book, Now What?

Completing a book is a big deal and the work that went into the project from the first word to “the end” is nothing to be sneezed at. But the work doesn’t end there. For beginners, the next steps can be intimidating or confusing. Whenever I go to a con, a retreat, or even a NaNo wrap-up event, I meet writers who are finishing up their first book, or looking into self-publishing for the first time, and I get drawn into long discussions about the industry and how to safely navigate it.

Obviously, this is information people are looking for.

I got all my thoughts on the matter together and wrote them down. I came up with a cute 100-page handbook. It covers the basics, answers the beginner questions, and is designed to alleviate the confusion and stress and set writers on the right path.

There are 4 chapters.

Editing and Revisions covers how to find an editor, what order to tackle your editing and revisions in (because there’s no sense fixing all the commas if you’re just going to rewrite the scene later), the difference between editors, beta readers, and proofreaders, and how much a professional editor should cost you.

Choose Your Own Adventure looks at how traditional and self-publishing work, the querying process for traditional publishing, and the pros & cons of self-publishing. Most importantly, I go over how to spot those scammy presses that pop up faster than we can report on them.

If you’re going the traditional route, your journey is fairly simple after the querying process. The publisher takes care of cover art, final edits, layout, printing, shipping, distribution, all of it. So, chapter 3 looks at the basic mechanics of self-publishing. I go over what each step should cost if you choose to hire someone to help you with layout, covers, or illustrations as well as some basics for if you want to tackle it yourself.

Lastly is the chapter on Marketing and Promotion which looks at what you can do before, as, and after you publish. I go over how to set up a blog or website, and a Facebook author page, and what you can post on each. I also touch on launches and readings and on conventions and craft sales.

You’ve Written a Book Now What? is available for e-book pre-order (with a March 31 release date) from Amazon. The paperback should be ready around the same time (just have to add the page numbers and edit the ToC). Of course, with the current global situation I strongly advocate you order the e-book (and e-books of anything else you’re looking to buy for the next few weeks). Let’s help keep warehouse workers, the printing staff (because it’s print on demand), and the delivery folks as safe as we can by minimizing our online orders during this time.

And while I’ve got your ear (or your eye as it were), if this shut down has put you in a financial bind and you want something to read, please reach out to me. I have some coupon codes available for Rose Garden, my stand alones, and even my middle grade series The Underground if you’ve got avid readers home from school.

Stay safe out there.


Keycon 2019

Last year was my first Keycon event and I really enjoyed it, even if I really only saw the vendor area and a few panels. I love the costumes and the silliness and the party elevator and just everything about it.

Sadly, it seems that this year has had more than its fair share of drama, but I’m not going to let that stop me from enjoying the event.

Keycon will be held at the Radisson Hotel on Portage Ave (Winnipeg, MB), May 17-19. You can find them online at

Authors of Manitoba will have a spot in the vendor room. This room is located next to the restaurant and is free to visit (you don’t need a convention pass to visit the vendors). Last year there was a great assortment of authors, artists, and crafters – fantasy headgear, paintings, nerdy clothes and accessories, awesome jewelry, and of course LOTS of books in every genre.

I will also be sitting on 2 panels this year.

Friday May 17, 9pm in Terrace East: World Building – Join me and author Carrie Vaughn for an hour of Q&A and hands-on practice. This workshop is for novelists, game designers, and LARPers.

Saturday May 18, Noon in Ambassador G: So You’ve Written Your Novel, Now What – Join me and fellow authors Laurie Smith (publishing as Laurie Adler) and Tanya Huff for lunch as we discuss editing, querying, traditional publishing, and the whole messy indie publishing scene!

This event is taking place just 10 days after the Rose Garden Series Launch so if you’re not able to attend the launch in Steinbach, swing by the vendor room and pick up your own copy of the Rose Garden Series. You can even message ahead to reserve a set, or a copy of anything else I’ve written.

See you there!




That’s right. Everyone can have a free book. And the offer is good for a WHOLE WEEK.

September 3-10, 2016 simply go to the link below, enter the coupon code, and the book is yours, FREE. No strings attached. No “first so many people”. No “promise to leave me a review” (though it would be nice if you could leave a review). Just free. Tell your friends. Spread the word. One free, no strings attached book.

So what are you getting? A copy of Rose Garden Book 1: Rose in the Dark. It is a light fantasy about a young woman who finds her voice and her backbone without the cliche of picking up a sword. She does pick up a shovel at one point though.

Why? Because Book 2 will be finished by the end of the year, with a little luck. Maybe I’m being sneaky and hoping you’ll like book 1 enough to give book 2 a try. Maybe? *sad puppy eyes* No. Actually, because I’m so excited that I’m past this dreaded writers’ block that I’m celebrating and I’m inviting you to celebrate too.

Promotional price: $0.00
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Holiday Giveaway Wrap-up

Well, a few people liked and shared the post on Facebook, but no one left a comment anywhere! I was really interested to see all the different holidays people celebrated during this time.

So, the contest closed yesterday with zero entrants and if no one enters no one can win.

Thanks again everyone for the 600 likes on my Facebook page.

Holiday Giveaway

No matter what your religion or culture, December is generally a time of festivity. In the spirit of the holidays, and to say thank-you to everyone who helped me reach 600 likes on my Facebook page, I will be hosting a small giveaway!

Yay free books!

The contest is open to anyone following my Facebook author page or my blog so share this with anyone who may want a free book so they can enter too.

So, step one is like my page, or my blog, or both!

Step two: Comment on my Facebook page, or this blog entry, with the holiday(s) you celebrate between November 1st and January 31st. You can list them all or just one, your choice!

Step three: reblog this post or share the post from my Facebook page to spread the word.

1, 2, 3, easy as that! Winners will be drawn at random on December 20th as soon as I get home from dinner with my dad.


Yes, there will be more than one prize!

1st prize will be a signed paperback copy of ReImagined, my collection of poems and short stories which contains some lovely winter and Christmas poetry and something in just about every genre. Plus a bookmark, also signed, and the chance to name a character in my current work in progress. The paperback and bookmark will be mailed to you.

2nd and 3rd prize will be a free e-book copy of Nothing Everything Nothing OR ReImagined OR Rose in the Dark, the choice will be yours. This prize will be awarded through Smashwords.

Thanks again for helping me reach 600 likes.


SORRY! Just got the phone call. It was a girl. If you voted on my facebook page make sure you message me for winner goodies.

My sister-in-law was due 2 days ago and still no baby! So this contest is open until she pops.
Just comment with whether you think she’ll have a girl or a boy. I’ll edit this to let you know when the contest closes. EVERYONE who guesses correctly will win a digital copy of ReImagined.

PLEASE make sure to check back for the winner announcement because I will need an email to send the book to.

The 400 Likes Contest

MarleneMcpherson and WiindRider Taiyang you have both won. Thank-you for leaving reviews on The Roses of Airon. Which book would you prefer a copy of?

As I type this my Facebook page sits at 398 likes. So I’m getting the 400 like contest ready. And the first detail I’m sure everyone is interested in is … PRIZES.

I will be giving away 4 (FOUR) copies of Reimagined (pdf copies) and 4 (FOUR) copies of Rose in the Dark (also pdf).

*Disclaimers – Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and any other site I use to advertise this contest have nothing to do with the contest and are not responsible for the prizes. Also, the books aren’t finished yet (I hit 400 likes a lot faster than I thought). Reimagined is very close – it’s just being edited and it needs a cover. Rose in the Dark is only half typed. I will record the winners and e-mail out the prizes BEFORE the books are made public.


1) You must like my facebook page at
2) For one chance to win you can comment on this blog post, and not just a random comment, but a random comment, I want a silly, random plot twist for a YA fantasy novel.
3) For one chance to win you can download The Roses of Airon (a short story offered for FREE on smashwords – it’s the prequel to Rose in the Dark) and leave a review on smashwords or Amazon. The book can be found here:


I will be drawing for the winners on January 20th, 2015.

Book Giveaway

Book Giveaway

A friend of mine is having a giveaway! Woot! Free stuff!

Her book is titled “In Liam’s Wake” and is the first of her Toys and Soldiers series. I was one of the privileged beta readers for the manuscript and I fell in love¬†with this book and the whole series.

In Liam’s Wake is an edgy fantasy about a world hidden within our world, one where strange magic and strange technology create a unique culture. The world is rich and dark and full of so many wonderfully realized characters.

Please take a moment to follow the link and enter the contest. 4 copies to be won!