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* Off the Market – available on,, and Living in a small, religious community can be hard for any teenager, but it was especially hard on Paul Arnold. Paul had been a decent kid with two younger brothers, a loving mother, and an abusive father. But Paul stayed and took the abuse until his youngest brother was old enough to get the hell out. And out they got, straight to the big city, swearing never to come back. That was nine years ago and now Paul and his younger brothers have been brought back home to meet with a lawyer about their father’s estate. Paul wants to get in, deal with business, and get out. But Angie Barbour, has other plans. Angie, now a real estate agent, wants to breathe new life into the town she loves, the town Paul can’t wait to get away from. As their old friendship grows anew and changes into something deeper, will Paul kill it, before it has the chance to grow? Or will Angie be able to convince him that putting down roots isn’t a curse?

* Pants on Fire – available on,, and Megan’s career as a children’s entertainer kept her busy and happy, but it had put a damper on her love life. She only seemed to find men who left her when they found out her career, thinking her strange, or men who wanted her in costume when she came to bed! Between work and her bad luck with men Megan was looking forward to two weeks back in her home town. Tyler had been only been CEO of his father’s successful hotel chain for two years but already he was sick of it. Between the long hours and tough decisions he had enough to deal with without adding his losing streak with women into the mix. And it wasn’t that he couldn’t find a girl, they flocked to him, but all they wanted was his money. He deserved this vacation from his job and from his reputation. When Megan and Tyler meet it’s instant chemistry and it looks like they’ll both get a simple fling to spice up their vacations. After two weeks things aren’t so casual anymore. As secrets come out of their proverbial closets will the fledgling love of two strangers survive? Or will someone get burned when they’re caught with their pants on fire?

* Recipes and Memories by Yvonne Ediger (edited by Casia Schreyer) – available on A collection of favourite recipies accompanied by family stories and full-colour photos. $1 from every book sold goes to the St. Boniface Hospital’s Palliative Care Ward.

* “Runaway” – short story published by Hot Valley Writers, an e-zine. Her mid-life crisis came later in life, but it lead her to a powerful conclusion about the nature of family, and her role in it.

* Nothing Everything Nothing – A teen drama/romance that deals with depression, suicide, and acceptance. This is written for my cousin Marlee. Part of the proceeds will be donated to KidsHelpPhone.

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E-book (multiple formats):

* “We Will Not Go Quietly” – short story published September 1, 2014 by Witty Bard Publishing. Countries are releasing super-bugs on each other, and no one saw it coming. In Chicago a protest group fights to be heard over the hysteria and fear. Natalie, a Chicago art teacher, puts her distinctive talents to use proving a picture really is worth a thousand words. But when they are words the government would rather be left unsaid Natalie is left with some hard choices.

* ReImagined – a collection of short stories and poems from my earlier years of writing. This book is a combination of two out of print collections: “Words in the Mist” and “A Spark of Words”. The stories cover a wide range of genres and the poems are in a variety of styles.

Multiple Formats:

* “Roses of Airon” – FREE – this short story is the prequel to the Rose Garden novels.

Smashwords (multiple formats):

* Rose in the Dark: Rose Garden Book 1 – The princess of the Stone Clan must find her true love to complete her soul bond and keep the land prosperous. Unfortunately she hates all of her suitors. When disaster strikes she sets out to solve the problems tearing her province apart. It is a journey of discovery and learning that changes her life.


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* Easter Mysteries – A collection of meditations and poetry centered on the Holy Week and Easter mysteries of the Catholic Church.


Nelly-Bean and the Kid Eating Garbage Can Monster – A picture book for children about a young girl who wants a piece of cake and must face a terrible monster in her own kitchen. This book is special because it features a fun-loving father/daughter relationship, bright illustrations, and prose you won’t mind reading over and over again.



* Recipes and Memories – by Yvonne Ediger. Edited by Casia Schreyer. This was my mother’s final project, her legacy. This collection of recipes features full-colour photos and stories about each recipe’s importance to her, and to our family. Proceeds are donated to St. Boniface Hospital.



Pieces – Young adult novel that deals with rape, suicide, and bullying. Heavy topics, I know, but the story reads more like a coming of age than a murder mystery and is very relevant to today’s teens.

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