August Recap

I’m a few days late but here’s August in a nutshell. I wrote zero words.

That’s all folks!

Okay, so July ended off with me taking on a paid editing gig for a talented writer from the US. 80k+ words, epic fantasy, real D&D spin sort of thing, right up my alley. I spent all of my available computer time in August working on that and finishing up other projects.

  • Finished a paid editing job
  • Finished the edits and formatting on The Underground books 6-8, including fixing a major plot hold in the ending sequence (like series killing big)
  • Did the edits and reformatting on the Nothing Everything Nothing second edition
  • Published The Underground books 6-8 and Nothing Everything Nothing second edition in paperback and ebook

On the personal front, we started off August with a trip to BC to visit my sister-in-law. When we got home, we finished up school supply shopping and fit in all the remaining “things to do during summer vacation” – including the swimming pool and taking my husband to the zoo to pet the stingrays (so cool).

We ended off the month by adopting a cat. He’s a 4-month-old rescue from the Humane Society, came in as a kitten with his mother and litter-mates. He’s a white and silver short-hair tabby with a beautiful swirl pattern on his back and yellow eyes. We’ve named him Zephyr (but he’s often called Shithead or Dingus by me and Fluff Butt by the kids).

What’s up for September?

We’ve got to get the cat acclimated to the house and eventually introduced to the dog. The kids are going back to school (hooray!) I have a show on the 8th and possibly one on the 14th if all goes well. My baby sister is turning 30. Oh, and there’s a black belt test at the end of the month (I’m not eligible to test but my master is testing for his next dan so I’m excited to go). We also have the academy award dinner at the end of September.

Writing goals include finishing Zoedar Book 2 (we’re at 83k right now and 21 scenes to go), write up all the TV, movie, and book reviews I haven’t gotten around to yet, and look over the notes on Zoedar Book 1 that my extremely awesome beta reader provided.

I’m at 344k words this year. That leaves me 17.5 weeks to write the remaining 176k. That’s just over 10k per week, which is right on my usual goals. Guess I ate up all the buffer time I’d built up earlier in the year. It’s nose to the grindstone time to finish off the year strong.

Wish me luck!

I’ll check in again in a month.

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