January Recap

Part of attaining goals is to hold yourself accountable. This is doubly important when you are your own boss. I don’t have someone there, holding my paycheck over my head, telling me when to show up and what to get done. I have to self motivate.

Looking at my previous post about 2019 plans, I have an update on my progress and my schedule of events.

First, the Horror Con in February is not happening this year so that’s off the table. As well, the Manitoba Comic Book Con in April lands the same weekend as my black belt test and another show I have booked, so that one is out as well.

I’m doing the Pop-Up with Crafted by Me on April 14, the Steampunk Tea on June 8, and the Anola Community Days on June 28. Keycon is still on for May long and I’m looking forward to it.

The Rose Garden Series Launch will be May 7, at 7pm at the Jake Epp Library in Steinbach. The theme is “garden party” and there will be food and prizes.

Second, I set my annual total word count goal for 520,000 words. I needed 46,000 by the end of January – I’m at 76,000.

This is because, point three, I underestimated the finished length of Rose Garden 5. I had a set deadline date for that book so I could get all of my projects done this year and that meant a few weeks of knocking my goals out of the park, just to stay on schedule.

January 1-6 = 9008

January 7-13 = 21527

January 14-20 = 15473

January 21-27 = 19118

January 28-Feb 1 = 10914

This includes Rose Garden #5 (which finished off at 90k instead of 65k), some work on my memoir, and the first 30k of my last ghostwriting contract. I should finish the contract 4 days early leaving my 6 days (instead of 2) to outline the rest of the Underground series, do the edits on Rose At the End, and putter on my memoir some more (I also have 2 workshops to plan for).

The three Underground books are scheduled to be completed April 19 (then edited and released, probably June, August, and October).

In my spare time, I’ll be working on the outlines for the big 4-book series I’m working on starting April 22nd. That project will take me until the end of the year to complete.

As for the whole “who knows what next year will bring” spiel. I accidentally tripped over an old project (like high school old), and while it’s horrible (seriously, I will be posting snippets, it’s laughable at best) there is something about it that makes me want to completely revamp it.  So, I’ve started reworking the world building on that project.

I’ve also been tinkering with a generational sci-fi idea and a high fantasy werewolf thing on and off, so those are possibilities as well.

For February, the goal is to wrap up this contract, order in copies of Rose Alone (book #4), wrap up the editing on book 5, and get a start on The Underground #6 (Turncoats).

I’ll let you know in 4 weeks how far I’ve gotten.


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