On June 19th the Steinbach and Area Book club held a potluck dinner to preview 3 locally authored cook books.

Recipes and Memories by Yvonne Ediger
Laura Reeves Guide to Useful Plants
Grandma June’s Gluten Free Cook Book by June Heibert

Recipes and Memories:
A collection of family favourites. Each recipe has a colour photo and a story of why it was important to Yvonne and her family. Yvonne put this project together as a sort of memoir in food before losing her battle with cancer. There are cookies, cakes, pies, dainties, main dishes, soups, stews, and sauces in this book. We tried the baking soda biscuits (easy and delicious), the ground beef wellington (also easy but a little dry when served without sauce), the zucchini carbanara (flavourful but the timing on the recipe can be tricy), and the all time favourite lemon bars (sweet, tart, and light). The only down side to this cook book is the binding (standard paperback binding, not coil bound). The book sells locally for $15 with $4 being donated to St. Boniface hospital in Yvonne’s name. Books ordered from Amazon (print or e-book) see 100% of the royalties donated to the hospital.

Laura Reeves’ Guide to Useful Plants:
Part field guide, part cook book, part craft book, and part personal reflection on a local environment that is obviously much loved by the author this book is a real treat. With colourful pictures and fun anecdotes this guide book is great for adults and families. The plants are listed in alphabetical order and are clearly marked if they are edible, useful, or poisonous. The best times to harvest, what parts to harvest, and where to find the plants are also included. This is a wonderful local resource for anyone in Maniotba or similar climate regions who want to get out into nature more or want to naturally source some of their diet.

Grandma June’s Gluten Free Cook Book:
When members of June’s family were put on gluten free diets there wasn’t much by way of a Gluten Free Aisle in the grocery store so she converted as many family recipes to gluten free as she could.
We tried the breaded chicken which used potato chips instead of bread crumbs (any flavour chips can be used but its’ a very expensive recipe because of the chips), and the cream cheese cookies (though we converted it back to regular flour and found that made them dry).
The book included many family favourites such as meatloaf and dinner rolls.