Review: The Baron’s Cufflinks

The Baron’s Cufflinks is a mystery by PJ Maclayne. It is the third book in a series featuring Harmony Duprie as the main character. Harmony is a professional research assistant and librarian, an interesting choice for a mystery novel lead but it certainly gives her access to information and a curious personality.

I have not read books 1 and 2 but I still found the characters and their relationships comfortable. Their interactions were natural and they were easy to tell apart. I could tell Harmony had been in trouble before.

The mystery was tight and twisty but with a lot of “oops I stumbled onto something” to keep it moving along. That, along with how easily Harmony kept herself out of any real danger, or escaped any real danger, made the story feel a little contrived. I am pleased to say the red herring had me confused until it was finally revealed how it tied in, and how it didn’t. I love a story that can still surprise me.

The characters all seem to have their own personal stories going on and their story arcs are all progressing naturally giving depth and realism to the world.

Overall a wonderful mystery that I would highly recommend. In fact, if the author lived in Manitoba I would happily take her books to local events and promote them myself! 5 out of 5 stars and pass me the next book!


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