Review: Wonder Woman

I saw Wonder Woman in theatres on June 6th and I waited until the 11th to write this (won’t show up on my blog until the 25th). I like to wait a few days after I see a movie before reviewing it. I like to think about it first.

Visually Wonder Woman was wonderful. You start on the sun swept beaches of her island home watching Diana grow up in a sequence that is emotional and fun, not at all tedious. It’s made even better by the cast. You move from there to London in the 1900s – all fog and smog and dirty streets. Then into Paris and Belgium to the front lines of the war.

The stunts were visually pleasing, the effects were spot on and not overwhelming. Gal Gabot’s acting was amazing.

The story, of course, is about Diana’s first foray into the world of mankind during World War 1. She is at turns innocent and wise, strong and vulnerable, powerful and powerless. She has choices to make, and she maintains her right to make them herself.

“What I do is none of your concern” “But it’s what I’m going to do”

She was a woman of strong convictions who faces an existential crisis.

I am beyond pleased that this is the first super hero movie we took my daughter to see. She wore her bracers and skirt and headband to the theatre. She was mesmerized. She beams when I call her my little Wonder Woman, my little Diana. I will likely make her a little brown tunic for October so she can attend C4 as a little Diana. She has been in love with Wonder Woman from the first trailer.

This will be the Wonder Woman my daughter grows up with. This woman who is full of moral conviction, who refuses to be left out, who refuses to be silenced. She demands that her knowledge be acknowledged, she demands that she be seen and heard. She is curious and bold. She is full of wonder. She is full of compassion. She is athletic and graceful but at times awkward and blunt. She fights because she has to and does not relish in the destruction. She loves and she mourns and she looks for the best in people always.

I loved the entire cast. The vulnerability of “Dr. Poison”, the pig-headedness of the British High Command, the endearing babbling of the secretary, the misfit band she travels with, the too-smooth British lord, the bull-headed German general – the boys at the end, relieved to be alive. And I loved that the ending was so strong. They didn’t back down. They didn’t cop out. And they leave Diana full of regret, and full of hope.

With a little luck this will be out on DVD for Christmas and I’ll be able to buy my daughter a copy to keep forever. Because Wonder Woman is her first favourite super hero and so very rightly so.


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