Review: Dreaming of Dillon

I don’t normally read straight up romance but I’m glad I read this one. Aside from a few genre-cliches the story was very good and longer than I expected.

I started off the book slightly confused as I didn’t realize Dillon was his last name and was going “who’s Marcus?” Once I had that sorted out I settled in to enjoy the story.

The narrator – Sophie – is an underappreciated assistant PA with good friends, a nice flat, and a crush on her boss. The story takes us through her journey to a more confident and less stressful work environment, as well as seeing her come to terms with her personal tragedy. Of course, in the meanwhile, she’s falling in love with her boss and his family.

I teared up a few times reading this book as Sophie’s personal story is similar to mine. No, I didn’t fall in love with a multi-millionaire, but I did lose my mother to cancer. This book really captures that longing and aching that comes with losing someone.

Dreaming of Dillon is a clean but sassy romance and I give it four out of five stars.


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