Review: The Cursed Seed

The Cursed Seed is the first book in the science fiction series The Society of Immortals by Geralyn Wichers. It can be found here:

I read this book as part of my book club reading list and really enjoyed it. Most of our book club ranked it in their top three books they’d read this year. It was my favourite thus far.

Be warned, there are two story lines running through this book, one that takes place during the modern day and focuses on Jack and Alannah, and one during the 1500-1600s that focuses on Alexander and Zoran. The modern day timeline also features some flashbacks to the 1950s or so. It took us a little effort to keep all the characters straight and to try to figure out the timeline – but it was worth it.

The story is about a society of immortals, with Jack being their newest member. Book 1 keeps you guessing the entire time, slowly unwinding the history of this society – where they came from, why they are immortal, how many of them are there, etc. There is tension and strong emotions through the entire narrative and the story asks some very deep questions about life and death, about our right to live, and our right to die. I think this made the book very relevant.

The characters were unique making it easier to keep the large cast straight. Jack is rough and struggles with depression. Alannah is scholarly and has an anxiety disorder. Alexander is old-fashioned, naturally, conservative, but very kind. Lia is more outgoing and exuberant. Cy starts out this level-headed, almost bland character, and then he’s told his wife will be home in a few days and he’s like “I’m taking the next week off. Good-bye!” and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop him. Zoran is passionate and driven to the point of obsession. There’s a strong sense of humour all the way around.

The time periods the book visits feel authentic and well-researched.

The book ends on a high note but not after dumping a laundry list of questions on your head. I desperately need book 2.

Five stars. Loved it. Highly recommend it.

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