Nothing Everything Nothing – A Book Review

Cool! A review of my debut novel.

Angil Grafton

This review was originally written November of 2014, when I was given the wonderful opportunity of reading the book before publishing.

 Casia K Schreyer has done an incredible job of capturing the voice of a teen spiraling down the drain. She commits to this heartbreaking, difficult topic and emerges us onto the cold black marble of rock bottom, leaving us with no where to go but through despair’s inky emotional tunnels. Molly’s downward spiral is triggered by the familiar desire for acceptance in the demanding world of teenage popularity. Molly may have been ready to climb the social ladder, but she was not prepared for the devastating fall that would follow her ascent. Nothing Everything Nothing – Amazon.ca10410969_10152857807173010_4239561775827246109_n

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