Book Review: Whispers of a Faded Dreamer

Whispers of a Faded Dreamer is a Christian Science Fiction novel by Celesta Thiessen. It can be found on Amazon here: (NOTE I do not receive any royalties or kickback for the sales of this book)

Christian science fiction. Stay with me here. Give the book, and the review, a chance. This is a true science fiction story. It takes place in the very near future on Earth but features advanced technology – in this case the ability to hook up certain people to machines while the sleep so everyone else can “tune in” to their dreams. You can watch movies while you sleep! You can be paid to dream! Sounds like a dream come true. But you’ll have to rate my channel ‘X’ some nights.

Back to the book. The main character is Cara Pierce, and she is a dreamer but her dreams start to take on a strange, surreal quality. There is a running theme within her dreams and reoccurring characters. There seems to be a message to the dreams, a lesson of sorts, but she is left to figure that out on her own.

She is drawn back to the charismatic but frustrating character of Blaze, a boy she knew in high school, again and again. This causes arguments and fights both in her dreams and in real life, and yet he appears in her dreams over and over again.

The mystery of the dreams and the figure of the High King draw you through the story to the twisty conclusion.

I gave this book 4 stars because I found the story focused on the dreams and I had so many questions about the dream-tech. The book was just too short for me. Fortunately the author is working on a sequel which I cannot wait to read.


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