Book Review: Finding Gloria

Finding Gloria is a memoir written by journalist Marianne Curtis. It can be found on Amazon here: (NOTE I do not receive any money from the sales of this book)

Finding Gloria is honest, sometimes funny, and often painful. Given up for adoption at birth Marianne lives through a traumatic childhood. She breaks free as a teen only to find that the emotional trauma has left scars, scars that send her reeling from one bad experience to the next.

Though brutally honest Marianne treats every member of her family and community with respect. She repeatedly states that this is her experience and her memories and nothing more. She omits every name, allowing those involved to maintain their privacy. And if she is honest about the shortcomings and failings of others she is twice as hard on herself.

This book was hard to put down. Our book club read it and we were all deeply moved and disturbed by the things that occurred in this book. But the book was uplifting as well. Here among the horrors of her childhood were the good people who helped her along. And she was able to eventually find her birth family.

5 stars. I would recommend this book to anyone, if you like non-fiction, if you or someone you know is a survivor of child abuse or sexual assault, if you are considering writing your own memoir, this is a must read book.


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