Book Review: Tools for Your Creative Side

Tools for Your Creative Side: Free and Easy Online and Application Resources for All Things Creative is a tech guide written by Jason Greiner. It can be found on Amazon at (NOTE I do not receive any royalties of kickback from the sale of this book)

Tools for your Creative Side is a short e-book, only 72 pages including front matter. Each page has a screen shot, a website name, a website address, and a brief description of the website. Each website is either free, freemium, or inexpensive to use.

Websites range from meme creators to video editors, sound editors to grammar checkers. A few websites are for removing backgrounds from images, useful for logo and ad design.

Personally I found there wasn’t much in this book for me, as a writer. The majority of the sites and apps were for visual artists, videographers, and musicians. I also found that while the descriptions were good they were very basic. More details, such as a basic tutorial or site tour would have been beneficial.

While it is nice to have all of these services listed in one place I’m sure you could get most of this information from a search engine. The only benefit to buying the book is that these sites have been vetted by the author so you know you’re not going to a spyware/malware site.

I gave this book 3 stars because it is error free with good presentation. I just didn’t find it overly useful.


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