Book Review: Mail Order Brides of Laramie

Mail Order Brides of Laramie is a clean romance series by Eliza King consisting of 4 short novellas. (NOTE I do not receive any royalties or kickbacks from the sale of these books)

Claire’s Courage

Hannah’s Hope

Vera’s Victory

Heather’s Humility

Each book is about a different young woman, a recent graduate of the Boston Women’s Academy in the mid-to-late 1800s. Each makes the journey to Laramie Wyoming at the request of a different bachelor. With such a closely linked premise I was impressed at how different each book was.

Claire finds out she was requested not by the shop keeper but by his sister on his behalf and must win his heart while fending off his old flame.

Hannah is escaping an unwanted arranged marriage which would end all her dreams and arrives in Laramie to find the lawyer who requested her hand in marriage has had an accident.

Vera is the awkward younger sister living forever in the shadow of her perfect older sister. She leaps at the chance to leave home and pursue a life of adventure. If only the town doctor were as excited to have her around.

Heather is Vera’s older sister and after an social faux pas she is sent to Laramie to marry a widower with an infant son.

The girls have very distinct personalities. Claire is quiet, almost demure, but she has a back bone of steel. Her sister-in-law, Julie, a frequent side character in the series, is humorous, welcoming, and a romantic. Hannah has big dreams and a lot of faith. Vera is frustrated at first but once she finds her freedom she becomes an energetic and adventurous woman. Heather begins her story as a stuck-up prideful socialite out of place in the small mid-western city of Laramie but she softens and becomes a warm, mothering character.

Each of the girls continues to make appearances in the following books. I really enjoyed that. I got to see the girls after their marriages as their families started. By the end of book 4 I felt that I was a part of this community.

I gave the books 4 or 5 stars each depending on the title and some specific quirks in each book.


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