Book Review: Habitual Scribbles

Habitual Scribbles is a writing prompt work book written by Angela Parker. You can view the book here: (NOTE: I do not receive any royalties or kickbacks for sales of this book)

Habitual Scribbles – what do I think? Well, it’s a compact book, under 400 pages and only about 5×8 inches which makes it perfect for travelling. You can tuck it in a purse, laptop back, backpack, picnic basket, beach bag ……… and your writing comes with you.

What’s in it? Just over 365 writing prompts, one at the top of each page, and blank lines to write on. That’s it. Great for those times when you’ve got writer’s block but still want to scribble SOMETHING down for the day. A good way to spend time on a road trip, or other lazy-day outing like the beach or to fill time while waiting for an appointment. There is just enough space for brainstorming, the start of a story, or a micro-story.

The prompts are open enough that you can do a lot with them, mostly. I found some were boring, some were too narrow, some were too vague. And I’m sure you’ll find the same, though how we categorize each prompt will be completely different.

The variety in this book is amazing and while I didn’t really click with all the prompts right away I know that’s because different people have different interests. And as the creator says in the forward, the idea is to break out of your comfort zone and stretch your writing muscles in new ways.

Overall I gave this book 4 stars and would recommend it to anyone looking for an inspirational notebook.


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