My Book Club Adventures

I’m a WFHM (work from home mom) so I don’t get out much these days. I take my grandmother grocery shopping once a week. I go to church on Sunday (and Sunday school for the kids, which is awesome because the other mom is also a knitter and we sit and knit and visit and it’s awesome). But mostly I stay home and talk to my husband or my kids. I don’t even have a cat.

I was starting to feel starved for human interaction that wasn’t my husband or my kids but I’m also a writer and an introvert so it’s hard for me to connect with new people. I decided it would be easier to connect with people over something I loved so I started a book club.

First, I went to a local business, in this case Driven 2 Sew quilt shop. I chose them because they have a book shelf in the shop for local authors to sell their books. The owner was super excited to host a book club. My husband works evenings so there was only 1 night of the week that worked for me. Fortunately it worked for her as well and we were off and running. We decided to make our book club unique and feature only books by local authors. We set up a Facebook group to post the reading schedule and cancellation notices and started recruiting.

We have 26 members on our Facebook group. Some are local authors who are there for updates on when we read their book and some will only be casual drop in members, but I figured if 5-10 of those 26 showed up each week we’d be in business.

The first week we had no prereadings, instead we looked at picture books. It was an awesome icebreaker. We had 6 people including me.

The second week we did the first 100 or so pages of Charlotte’s Rescue by Violet Moore. We talked for about an hour and a half about characters and setting and pacing. We asked questions. We laughed. We talked about our own lives sometimes instead of the book. It was good.

Next week we’ll be doing the next hundred or so pages of the book and the week after we’ll discuss the ending and have a visit from the author. I’ll have my question prompts ready but we’re a chatty group and we need very little prompting. I’m just there to give the group direction, and to bask in the discussion that arises.

I think that we will end up with a core group of 5 or 6 with another 5 or 6 coming and going as books appeal to them or they have time. And this is good. We all get the chance to talk. We all get the chance to ask questions. And most importantly we all appear to be having fun.

Sometimes it’s not about finding your group or finding your village, it’s about going out and building one.


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