Open Letter to Kanye West

$53 Million dollars in personal debt. I earn less than 1% of that in a year, even if I combine my income with my husband’s. Now, I understand you had some false starts in the fashion industry but that doesn’t explain how you are that far in PERSONAL debt. See, that’s the part that’s bothering me.

I just read an article that explains how people can separate their venture financing from their personal financing. So your ventures are $53 million in debt. Which is how you still manage to pay your mortgage, and other expenses. Because even though you lost $53 million, you also earned $72 million in the same time frame.

So either you pocketed the 70 mil personally and your venture is 53 mil in debt (which means you’re lying to us when you say you are PERSONALLY in debt) or you managed to lose 123 million dollars in three years.

Either way, I can tell you a few things. I will never ever see my bank balance hit 7 digits. It will take my husband and I twenty years to earn a million dollars, and we’ll spend most of it along the way just surviving. And I will be declaring bankruptcy LONG before I reach even 1 or 2 million in debt.

So here’s the way I see it. You own a really big house. You own furs. You own fancy cars. You own MORE than $53 million worth of luxury items. You can sell them, pay off your debt, and in a year have $2-20 million in profit again from your music sales and other such projects. Okay, so you’ll have to buy a smaller house for a few years and dress like a normal first class citizen instead of a over-entitled-overly-wealthy ‘person’. You may have to skip a few vacations for a year, maybe even two – but you have money and you have a huge income generator.

Why are you whining? The solution is right there. It’s easy. Of course, for you it’s not. You don’t want to give up your lifestyle and now you think the rest of the world should be bailing you out just because you make “music” (I don’t think I’ve ever listened to one of your songs so I don’t know if it’s any good or not), because you married someone from a rich family, and because you want them to.

You’re not god. You’re not Warhol. You’re not the greatest living musician, or artist, or fashion designer, or anything else. You’re an over entitled asshole who thinks too highly of his own accomplishments.

Now, I do have to respect anyone who has made the big times in a cut throat industry. The money you make from your music, you’ve earned it. I will not, cannot, begrudge you that money.

Too bad you’re not a better person though. Because your sense of entitlement is one of the things that is wrong with our society today. You, and everyone like you, who thinks they should be bailed out even though they are capable of solving their own problems, you’re parasites.

You will not be remembered as a musician, or an artist. You’ll be remembered as the asshole who feuded with Taylor Swift. You’ll be remembered as the asshole of the internet. You’ll be remembered as a pompous windbag. And nothing more.

I really cannot wait for all of this to blow over. I wish you and your in-laws would move somewhere warm and retire to a life of luxury and stop poisoning us with your petty bullshit. Of course you crave the spotlight too much to fade away and let us get on with real, meaningful, art and music and politics, and life in general. So we are stuck listening to you bitch and whine until you really do go broke.


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