When your boss is a slave driver …

… and you’re your own boss.

That’s self-publishing in a nutshell I guess. You set your own deadlines and you force yourself to stick to them. And then you fall behind and you work your ass off trying to catch up but life has a way of throwing everything at you when you near a deadline.

My next novel, Pieces, is a prime example.

I set the publishing date for late 2015. I didn’t finish the second draft until yesterday. Two months behind and counting. And I could have done it, really, but life got in the way.

I picked up two freelance contracts to fill in the gaps in my income. I started a new job that was supposed to be casual, 20 hours a week tops, for the summer – it turned to 40 hours every week by the beginning of August, but JUST for the summer. And in September it was a full-time permanent job. And I went back to school.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, I love the ladies I work with, and it’s good to have a regular paycheck. And I really do enjoy being a student. But it pushed the writing down the list a little and as my own boss I could let it go.

Two months behind schedule and counting. Sheesh.

At least it gave my cover artist more time to deal with some design issues. And it meant my editor had time to switch day-jobs and get the renos on her apartment taken care of before I needed her. And now the marketing guy has time to do an animated gif ad (I didn’t even know this was a thing). So it all worked out in the end.

But I’m still kicking myself. Because I could have done it on time. I could have gotten that one more book published in 2015. Now I’ll really be pushing it in 2016 to get a novel, two novellas, and two kids books out. The kids books are written at least, just waiting on illustrations. The first novella is halfway through the first draft. The novel is started. I have a schedule. I can do this.

Of course I am a student and that means homework and exams for the next two years so who knows if this doable schedule will stay doable for any amount of time.

And those are the trials and joys of self-publishing and trying to work and raise a family while self-publishing. You push yourself as hard as you can, because  you’re the boss and you have to push. But you miss deadlines and that’s okay too, because you’re the boss. Boss.


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