New Releases

Children’s picture books! Oh my!

I will be updating the list of books here on my blog shortly, as soon as all the links are active, but here is the list of books being released, basically as I type.

Piggy’s Pies – a children’s picture book about a pig who thwarts a hungry wolf with pies. No, it doesn’t use the word “thwart” in the book! I was written by 7 children at the daycare where I work, they are aged 5-10 years. They drew the pictures too.
The paperback is available on Createspace and the profits will go to the daycare. I’m still working on getting the e-book version sorted out.

Nelly-Bean and the Kid Eating Garbage Can Monster – what a mouth full! This one was written by me and is being illustrated by Andreas Ganz, a friend of mine. I was supposed to do the layout this morning but I had a power outage for 3+ hours. So it will be available on Createspace this week. And then as an e-book before Christmas.
This book is about a young girl named Nelly-Bean who faces down the kid eating garbage can monster in her kitchen to get a piece of cake from the fridge. It’s sweet and exciting and my kids love it, even without pictures.

In the novel department I’m still finishing the draft of Pieces, it’s late, I know, but it’s taking longer than expected with me working again. I’m also outlining a middle grade adventure series, or three. Always busy. Oh, and the espionage plot that dropped in my lap last week – gotta flesh that one out too.

If you’re in Manitoba swing by the Steinbach Arts Council building on November 1st between 1 and 4:30 pm to meet some local authors – myself included. If you’re not in Manitoba but know someone who is, send them my way. Free admission, free food, door prizes, and lots and lots of books.


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