What day is it?

Wow, I seriously haven’t written anything here since May? Yikes. Obviously live has been BUSY. So here’s my explanation/apology/promise to do better.

I got a full time job at a daycare at the end of June.

I went to BC for my vacation (I’m from MB). We drove up there in one shot, that’s 26 hours in the car with two kids. Spent a week up there, then 22 hours straight back. Fun but tiring. That was in July.

Basically been working double time since then to finish off a freelance contract, my next novel, and still pull of 40 hour weeks with two kids to care for.

I wrote a children’s picture book. Just waiting on the illustrations.

The eldest is in grade 1. The youngest is in preschool. And I’m applying for Distance Ed to take my ECEII diploma.

I thought it was hard writing with two kids, writing with a full time job is exhausting.

I will try to make time once each week to write a little something here to keep in touch with all of you.

So, how was your summer?