A Three Week Creative Schedule

The next three weeks have suddenly gotten very full for me. Actually, the next 6 weeks are getting pretty tight. Don’t take the complaining the wrong way, it’s all good work, but it’s a lot.

Rose in the Dark – typing the second draft, due March 31st @ bedtime. This requires editing and typing at least 1800 words per day for the rest of the month.

Romance Plot Generator – a freelance job that has me brainstorming romance plots. I need 25 more by March 23. That’s 3-4 per day for the next week.

Non-Fiction book on bullying – starting the outline today, have to have it finished by the end of July.

Ghostwriting – 5k story, starting the 24th, due before April 4th. The client should be sending a general plot.

Ghostwriting – 6k/story, 5 stories, starting April 5th, 10 days tops per episode. Due April 14th, April 23rd, May 2nd, May 11th, and May 20th.

Editing – a diet book, not sure of the length, starting April 1st, due April 15th.

Our Lady of Hope Parish 25th Anniversary History Book – starting April 1st, due April 15th. At least this is mostly typing, scanning, and layout.

Rose in the Dark – editing. Once it gets back from the readers on April 15th I have until April 30th to edit and polish the final draft.

Rose in the Dark should be released early in May. The history book has to be printed before May 5th for the event on May 9th. The diet book should be released in May. I’m hoping to do an author reading in May for Rose in the Dark.

Phew. So if I’m absent for a while forgive me. I’m trying not to drown in writing for the next two months.


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