Saving the World, One Child at a Time

Yeah, okay, the title may be a little pretentious, but I’m paraphrasing a friend. Some of you may recall back in November when I released my first novel, Nothing Everything Nothing, I donated half the profits to Kids Help Phone. In a little over a month I raised $236.00 for this worthwhile cause.

For those of you who don’t know, Kids Help Phone is a crisis hotline aimed at helping children and youth across Canada. They are available 24/7, by phone and online. Kids can call with any issue – abuse, bullying, mental health questions, rape, sexual exploitation, suicidal thoughts, and more. You can find out more at

Nothing Everything Nothing deals mostly with bullying and suicide but touches on sexual harassment, street harassment, eating disorders, popularity, and the importance of getting the help you need. It is my firm belief, and there are statistics out there to back this up, that kids who have no one to listen to them, kids who are forced to face these problems alone, end up dead, hooked on drugs, or used for sex. They live on the streets as runaways. They shoot up schools. They slip through the cracks.

Kids Help Phone is filling a need, a critical need. They provide a listener, one who does not judge, one who is trained to provide help. If we don’t want to lose an entire generation to depression, cyber bullying, and other such issues we need to help our youth, and one of the ways of doing that is helping those who are trained and ready to offer help.

$2 from every paperback and $1 from every e-book of Nothing Everything Nothing will be donated to Kids Help Phone.

This is the same pledge I made for the month of November, 2014. And now I am making it for the entire year of 2015, perhaps even longer.

Go check out, see what they do and who they are, see how you can help. Buy a copy of Nothing Everything Nothing, only 2.99 USD for the e-book (all links to the e-book and paperback can be found here: and I will donate $1 to Kids Help Phone. Buy the paperback for $8.99 USD and I’ll donate $2. And if you happen to live in Southeastern Manitoba (Canada) you can contact me about getting a signed paperback for $10 Canadian (same $2 donation applies).

We talk all the time about the problems of the world. We don’t talk enough about solving them. Kids Help Phone is helping. They are addressing a serious problem. They’ve been doing it for 25 years.

Thank-you Kids Help Phone. And thank-you to everyone who has purchased a copy of Nothing Everything Nothing in support of this amazing group.


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