The 400 Likes Contest

MarleneMcpherson and WiindRider Taiyang you have both won. Thank-you for leaving reviews on The Roses of Airon. Which book would you prefer a copy of?

As I type this my Facebook page sits at 398 likes. So I’m getting the 400 like contest ready. And the first detail I’m sure everyone is interested in is … PRIZES.

I will be giving away 4 (FOUR) copies of Reimagined (pdf copies) and 4 (FOUR) copies of Rose in the Dark (also pdf).

*Disclaimers – Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and any other site I use to advertise this contest have nothing to do with the contest and are not responsible for the prizes. Also, the books aren’t finished yet (I hit 400 likes a lot faster than I thought). Reimagined is very close – it’s just being edited and it needs a cover. Rose in the Dark is only half typed. I will record the winners and e-mail out the prizes BEFORE the books are made public.


1) You must like my facebook page at
2) For one chance to win you can comment on this blog post, and not just a random comment, but a random comment, I want a silly, random plot twist for a YA fantasy novel.
3) For one chance to win you can download The Roses of Airon (a short story offered for FREE on smashwords – it’s the prequel to Rose in the Dark) and leave a review on smashwords or Amazon. The book can be found here:


I will be drawing for the winners on January 20th, 2015.


11 thoughts on “The 400 Likes Contest

  1. YA fantasy plot twist: A young girl tries to stop her older sister from marrying when she discovers the groom-to-be is actually a ghost. The handsome young son of a local book store owner died mysteriously and if he can persuade a girl to fall in love with him and marry him, he will regain his mortal body.


  2. Plot twist: Twin girls start a new school and both fall for the same guy. The elder one, by 17 minutes, decides to step back when she sees how smitten the younger one is and when she becomes transfixed by the biology teacher.
    During a conversation with the teacher it is revealed he is the grandson of the boy and younger sister and has been brought back from 60 years in the future to make sure he falls in love with the elder sister to eradicate a lot of pain.


  3. Plot twist: A young girl is diagnosed with schizophrenia. She has constant dreams of a strange boy, and one day, while scrolling through the old school yearbook, she discovers the boy was a student who died in an accident of sort. Girl is now convinced the boy is haunting her, but no one will believe her because of her ‘mental illness’. Boy continues to haunt her and they develop a relationship, however, those around her think she’s just going nuttier. Is she really schizophrenic? Or just an unlucky medium who doesn’t understand her power?


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