Rose in the Dark Preview

To celebrate The Roses of Airon reaching 100 downloads I am sharing the prologue of Rose in the Dark.
The Roses of Airon is the prequel to the Rose Garden series. Rose in the Dark is the first novel in that series.
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17th of Star Rise, 24th Year of the 11th Rebirth, Golden Hall, Capital City of the Province of the Metalkin – The Wedding of Princess Mallory Jewel-Rose

Princess Rheeya Stone-Rose liked weddings. She liked the silky feeling of her new red dress. She liked the sparkling lights and the sparkling wine.
I only hope my wedding is this lovely.
Rheeya was seated at a finely set table with three other young women; the princesses of the Evergrowth, the Animal-People, and the Sun-Temple. The four of them had grown up together at the Temple of the Sun but they had spent the last twelve years in their separate provinces. And then, six months ago, they had been called together by the High Priest of Vinturuth. His story had shaken them all.
“A fifth princess?!” Rheeya had asked.
“Of course,” the High Priest had replied. “One for each province. Didn’t you ever wonder where the princess of the Metalkin was?”
Betha, the Princess of Evergrowth, had rolled her eyes. “Obviously the last Metalkin princess didn’t have any children.”
“That’s not how this works. You are not the children of the last Rose Princesses; you ARE the last Rose Princesses reborn. And you were not born here. You were born far from the Isle of Light and you were brought here as infants.”
“So, where is the Princess of Metalkin,” Betha had asked.
“We never found her. She’s still in the other realm. And if we don’t find her soon our realm will be in grave danger.”
Rheeya shook her head and turned her attention back to the feast at hand. Servants were bringing out silver platters of roasted meats and steaming vegetables. Other servants moved between the tables with golden pitchers refilling goblets with sweet wine or strong ale.
At the head table sat Mallory Brock Jewel-Rose, the newly found Princess of Metalkin. Her white dress and elaborately braided hair were adorned with roses, the symbol of the princesses and their pact with Vinturuth, the Sun God. Beside her sat a broad-chested and dark-haired man with eyes as cold as iron. Rheeya shivered.
I hold out hope that my own prince, my soul mate, will be warm and gentle. But I am the Princess of the Stone Clan. What warmth is there in stone?
The music started and Rheeya forgot about other realms and dark spirits and her fear of a cold, unfeeling husband as she clapped her hands and smiled. Mallory is so lucky. What a beautiful wedding. Beside her the other princesses also laughed and clapped, celebrating the beginning of a prosperous time for them all. With five princesses sitting on the five thrones, upholding the pact and the sustaining magic of the realm, the realm could now begin to heal.


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