A review of Nothing Everything Nothing

Rabbit Hole Reviews

nothingCasia Schreyer’s fine YA novel, Nothing Everything Nothing takes a realistic look at a number of issues facing young teens, including bulimia, alcohol, bullying, body image and suicide. What struck me about the novel is how seamlessly these elements are integrated into the story without being preachy. That’s because the story isn’t about nude photos on social media (one of the plot elements). The story is about Molly.

Molly is a slightly overweight teen trying to find a place with the in-crowd. Grasping for the brass ring of popularity has its perils, and a cruel streak runs through each of her would-be friends. Lance, the handsome boy who seems to like her, senses a vulnerable target. Kristen, Julie and Amanda have their own reasons for inviting Molly into their circle. But when events turn sour, Molly finds herself saddled with bad choices and the prospect of unending humiliation.

Now Lance…

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