Writing Resolutions 2015

I’m a few days early, I know, but a post on Facebook prompted me to get my writing priorities in order. So here are my writing resolutions, and tentative publishing schedule, for 2015.

REIMAGINED – a collection of poems and short stories, most previously published in A Spark of Words and Words in the Mist (both no longer available for sale). I’m doing some serious edits to this and it will be available February 1st.

Writers’ Fair – the Jake Epp Library in Steinbach MB will be holding a local writers’ fair/conference where writers will be able to connect with readers. I am hoping to have a table in the teen section with Nothing Everything Nothing and Reimagined available for sale.

A ROSE IN THE DARK – This is book #1 in the Rose Garden series. It is 90% written, but by hand. That means a lot of typing and finishing the last bit of the book. If I can have Reimagined edited by January 15th I can focus on typing this. With any luck I can have it available by the end of February in time for …

Author Reading – the Jake Epp Library in Steinbach MB is hosting me as a guest author on MARCH 3rd. I will be reading from Nothing Everything Nothing, Reimagined, A Rose in the Dark, and Pieces. IF A Rose in the Dark is not ready on time it will be available for pre-order at this event.

The Anthology on Race that is advertised on this blog has its cut-off date set at February 28th and the publication date late in April. This will only go ahead if there are enough entries.

SHORT COMPANION STORIES to Nothing Everything Nothing – These will be released in May, June, and October and will be free on Smashwords.

THE PARENT HANDBOOK TO BULLYING, THE TEACHER HANDBOOK TO BULLYING, and THE STUDENT BULLYING WORKBOOK will all be available mid August. These are non-fiction books I’m putting together on bullying, cyber bullying, abuse, and everything a parent needs to know about dealing with it. The Teacher and Student books work together, the Teacher books as a lesson guide and discussion guide, the Student book is full of stories, writing prompts, and questions.

PIECES has been pushed back to September because of the amount of work still needed, and because other projects can be completed faster.

November I am leaving open in case I choose to do NANO or in case another project comes up. I also hope to be speaking in schools for anti-bullying week.

December is spent organizing, editing, and celebrating the holidays with family so I will be making no solid plans for that month either.

This means over 200,000 words in 2015. This is ambitious and leaves no room for new plot bunnies or projects. But I have to complete these before I move on and maybe by putting this out there I can hold myself accountable to this schedule.

It’s also written on paper and is hanging over my desk with titles highlighted in green and dates high lighted in yellow.

Wish me luck. And have a happy New Year!


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