Anthology on Race

This anthology is now being run by Schreyer Ink Publishing. All details remain the same.

Now what have I done? Here’s the Facebook Post, by the talented Ashlyn Forge, that started all this:

So I went to an article about the cop who shot Michael Brown, that he retired, and then I went to the comments section and saw that a LOT of people felt that ‘if black people were to disappear, crime would be solved almost over night. ENTIRE police stations would be shut down. The economy would improve.” etc. etc. etc. And then I thought…how about that? I ignored how badly I wanted to kick these idiots in the throat, and then I thought…what if…all races disappeared? Wouldn’t that just mean that another ‘sub devision’ in the white race would be oppressed? or woudl it magically transform to the TV america of the 1950s? Would women be the downtrodden? What would really happen?
So I challenge you… new story called “White America” Either no blacks at all, or no other races in America, WHAT happens? Good or bad. I’d of course like a realistic ‘it’s bad without others’ type deal, but no judgment, what’d happen?
And let me be clear, I do NOT support bigotry, and I don’t support any of these racists claim that blacks are responsible for all crime (I can’t believe people actually THINK like that). So fine, what’s your White America look like??

So I’m hijacking her idea (and giving her full credit) and expanding on it. What would your country look like without ethnic minorities? For Canada and US that means whites only, or does it? What would South Africa look like? Or the rest of Africa? Are whites a big problem there? What about the Middle East? Who disappears there?

Admittedly this is mostly science fiction-y type stuff – near or far future, some sort of war or virus or medical procedure, the question of “what if?” – but I would accept a fantasy world where two closely related cultures are at war, or the post war situation.

So, official guidelines:

Fiction and Non-fiction acceptable (so the rant about saving elephants, I’ll at least look at it). Short stories, novel excerpts, mock-articles, well-written rants, I’ll look at them all.
Length: At least 300 words, top it out around 10K. I’m not an official publisher per say so if you have something a little longer (like 11 or 12 k) drop me a line, I’ll at least look at it.
Cover: We’ll sort something out, there are lots of talented designers connected to NaNo where this originated.
Title: We’ll vote on something in February.
Who can Submit: Anyone.
How many stories will we take? Not sure yet. Let’s see how many come in and how long they are.
Due Date: February 28th 2015
Publication Date: Let’s aim for end of April?
Money: Royalty split with the amount varying depending on the number of accepted authors.

Story Content:
This is going to be a controversial book to say the least. The idea is to debunk the idea that America would go all peachy-keen if the Blacks were erased so we’re going for stories that reveal other sources of crime, who the new scape-goats are, what has changed and what hasn’t. I understand that there may be offensive material in the stories but we do want to avoid hate-speech.
Stories do not need to feature the deaths of the minority in your story, they can be shipped else-where if that’s what you choose to do. There are so many possibilities here and I’d like to see many of them explored.
Swearing and violence is acceptable – but again, avoid hate-speech.
We’re walking a fine line between speculative fiction and giving racists a platform for preaching and I’ll be very critical of every story that comes in.

Submit to lawn _ gnome _ lady at hotmail dot com (remove spaces and put in the @ and . in correct places, of course) and put Race Anthology Submission as the subject. Please submit pasted in the body of the email, no attachments, with a short cover letter at the top.
If you are accepted I will request a file from you so you won’t have to worry about your email provider messing up the formatting.

I’ll need a few volunteer readers to help me pick out the formatting and spelling errors once this all comes together.

I don’t know what I’m getting myself in to here but I get the feeling this is going to be a shit storm in the end. Pardon my language.


10 thoughts on “Anthology on Race

  1. Awesome!!

    Will edit Elephants the next time I’m at the computer. There is also a fully fictional, not on Earth about eradicating an ethnicity, (I don’t mean to post too much, this is just *precisely* my specialty. 😀


  2. I have been studying the World Wars of late. I find it very interesting when we Americans got involved. We had segregated troops. White troops and black troops. The black troops were surprised and amazed by how they were treated by the Europeans. They were allowed to sit at the same table, drink from the same water fountains, the Europeans for the most part treated them like human beings. Back home they still had to enter restaurants through the ‘black’ entrance, if they were allowed in at all. I know Europe has had it’s foibles, mis-handlings, race riots and all that fun stuff. But it doesn’t seem as segregated, even today in the 21st century, as it does here. It was the 1960s before we fully de-segregated. At least on paper. There is still a lot of work to do here. I don’t know, you keep a people down, under foot, and keep them deprived and near starving, and then get defensive and wonder why when they start biting back…


    • You make a very good point. And I would love to see different countries featured in this collection. I think a future without certain cultures or ethnic groups would look very different in different places.


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