The Biggest Thank-you

Last night was the book launch party for Nothing Everything Nothing and, as promised, here are the thank-yous and the fundraising facts to date.


E-books sold: 4
Money raised: $4
Paperbacks sold: 88
Money raised: $176
Free will offering: $51.75
TOTAL: $231.75


Food: ~$40
Posters: $10
Donated books: $12
**These expenses came out of MY half of the royalties on the books, not the half set aside for Kids Help Phone.


To family and friends who pre-ordered or reserved copies of the book:
Jill Simonite, Janet Ediger, John Ediger, Len Guilmette, Sara Gratton, Thea Clincke, Valerie Schreyer, Sheldon Schreyer, Melissa Schreyer, Stephanie Murphy, Tia Nemeth, Krista McCollum, Sheri DeSorcey, Fran Doyle, Mary-Louise Clincke, Kyla Balleny, Irene Klopack, Clara Chongva, Brenda and Gary, Carinna Rosales, the Grace Girls (Sue, Boo, Mo and Kitty)

A special thank-you to Diana Cameron who purchased ten copies to be donated to libraries and resource centers. We are working on a list of resource centers and libraries to send these copies to. Any suggestions are appreciated.

To family and friends who helped me spread the word:
Marianne Curtis, Andy Ganz, Angil Graftin, Sara Gratton, Jill Simonite, John Ediger, Thea Clincke

To family and friends who helped me with the launch:
John Ediger, Sara and Laurent Gratton, Janet and Lloyd Ediger, Thea and Frank Clincke, Jon Schreyer, Len Guillmette

To Mary-Louise Clincke and her daughter Marlee, for allowing me to use a photo of Marlee (who was my inspiration for Molly) in my promotions

To the Transcona Library for the room. And for their amazing children’s programs. I attended story time there as a child and got hooked on books young.

To Marianne Curtis for her support, and for the opportunity to do a little piggy-backing on the launch of her book, Rae of Hope.

To the Nanowrimo Facebook Group, for help with the promotional material and the writing of the book. They’re an amazing group.

To my beta and editor, Andy Ganz and Thea Clincke.

To Prairie Sky Books for agreeing to carry the book in their store.

To those who have, or plan to, post reviews or ratings of the book.

To my husband, Jon Schreyer, who is perfect. No, really, I mean that.


It’s impossible to thank everyone who inspired, supported, and helped. But every one of them is in my heart. I hope to pay it forward by reading and reviewing as many indie books as possible.
It’s tempting to address those who did not believe, or did not support, and say “I told you so” but I won’t. It’s painful when family and friends don’t hop on board with the same level of enthusiasm that I feel for this project but I can understand the many reasons that hold them back and I don’t want to blame, shame, or guilt anyone. I don’t feel any resentment or anger, only understanding. I hope they will find causes that call to them.


There will be a book signing after mass at Anola Parish on November 30th to wrap up the fundraiser (and a short post detailing any increase in the amount raised). After that there will be a reading and an author’s fair at the Jake Epp Library in February – dates to be announced.
As for further books, the next one is started and I shall keep everyone updated on the status. I doubt it will be ready by February but it should be done by summer.



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