Rape Culture on Campus

There’s not much I can add to the following article. Please read the entire thing, even though the story is scary and the statistics are scary. Please, if you know anyone who is showing signs of PTSD or depression or major mood swings or mood changes, please get them help – these are all signs that they may have been assaulted and, as the article says, the first 3-6 weeks of the school year are when the freshmen girls are the most vulnerable.

I am sharing this link because I think EVERYONE should share this link. Copy the link to the article and share it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and your blog. Everyone needs to be aware of this story, and the hundreds of untold stories like it.


Please share this story. Please, if you are a victim, seek help. Reporting is hard, there is so much backlash, and a lot of resistance to change, but at the very least seek out counseling for yourself.

To all victims out there, it is my sincerest hope that one day rape will be a far rarer occurrence, one that is investigated promptly and properly, prosecuted effectively, and sees a higher rate of conviction. I hope that one day women will be able to come forward and say “I was raped” and be met with compassion instead of blame.


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