Nothing Everything Nothing Goes Live

No one in Molly’s life expected her to pose for topless photos. During spring break Molly meets a charismatic older boy and suddenly she is skipping classes, drinking beer, fighting with her mother, and sneaking out of her house at night. No one but Lance matters – not Molly’s family, and not Brandon, her life-long friend. Anyone who voices concern about Molly’s new lifestyle is driven away.
When Molly refuses to let Lance sweet talk her out of her virginity, pictures that were supposed to be private go viral. Molly’s reputation is in shambles. Lance wants nothing to do with her, insults her, and refuses to take the photos down. Complete strangers are approaching her online, and in her local corner store, asking for sexual favours.
Molly is faced with a painful choice – face the humiliation alone, or end her life and never have to feel the sting of rejection again.

Nothing Everything Nothing is live and available for sale. Get your copy in print, or for all e-readers from Amazon, CreateSpace, SmashWords, and (within the month) Kindle and the iBook store. I’ll post the links at the end of this entry.

Half of the royalties from every book sold between now and the end of November will be donated to Kids Help Phone. That’s between $0.50 and $2.00 per book, depending on the format and distributor.

If you can’t buy a book there is more you can do to help.
* Join the e-book launch on Facebook on October 28th, all day. There will be giveaways so you may just win a copy!
* Invite your friends to the launch.
* Reblog this article.
* If you live in Southern Manitoba you can contact me for promotional posters for the live launch.
* If you live in Southern Manitoba you can attend the live launch on November 27th at the Transcona Library from 5-8pm. Bring a friend or 3!
* If you have friends or family in Southern Manitoba tell them about the launch.
* Tell your librarian (public or school libraries) about the book and give them the link to the paperback. Request a copy for your library.
* Add the book to your “Want to Read” shelf on Good Reads.
* Add the book to your Amazon wish list.
* Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Amazon’s Author Profiles, and Good Reads.

At the end of November there will be a blog article listing everyone who advertised, reviewed, and shared. As well, all the fundraising numbers will be made public.

This book is for everyone. It is for teens who have been bullied, whether they’re still teens, or they’ve grown up. This is for teens suffering from depression or contemplating suicide. This is for teens who have attempted suicide. This is for adults dealing with teenagers in these difficult situations. This is for adults used to be teens in these difficult situations.

This is not a book about “I’ve got it worse”. This is a book about “you are not alone”. This is a book about hope, not about “get better already”. This is a book to raise awareness and understanding, not to judge or accuse.

This is a dark book with a hopeful ending. This is about weakness and strength. This is about trying and not always succeeding.

Thank you for helping me raise awareness. Thank you for helping me reach out to people. Thank you for helping me continue the conversation about mental health and bullying.

Here are the links:
Facebook Author Page:
Twitter: @CasiaSchreyer
Amazon Author Page:
Facebook E-book Launch event:
Facebook Live Launch event:
Amazon E-book listing:
Smashwords E-book Listing:
Amazon Paperback listing: (not yet linked through)
Create Space Store (Paperback):
Kobo and iBooks will be linked through by the end of the month

You can also search for me on Good Reads.


3 thoughts on “Nothing Everything Nothing Goes Live

  1. When I type the books name in Goodreads it doesn’t show. I’ve even gone to your author profile by name, but it doesn’t list the book as one of your works. Though I’d let you know. You should also add to the list that people just adding the book to their Amazon Wishlist can help as well. It has an effect on the ranking, if I recall right.


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