Prince in Exile Book 1 Book Review

Prince in Exile is a serial novel by Helen J Bradley. It is set in the fictional kingdom of Ukonsaari, an island nation existing in the vicinity of Norway and Finland in the late 1970s. It was available on Amazon but has been taken down, temporarily, for editing purposes.

First of all, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy before it was pulled down. Being a serial each part is very short – this first book was only 4 chapters in length. Even though it was short it was filled with intrigue, murder, action, and sex.

The characters are clear and well-written, but of course not yet fully developed – we’re only at chapter 4 after all. The back story of Ukonsaari is well developed and clearly laid out in these brief chapters. We’re also set up for the remainder of the book, this part ending with the reveal of the driving plot point.

The atmosphere is great. It feels like the 70s. Helen uses era appropriate language and cultural norms/believes while creating a sense of the foreign and grand.

The copy I had did have some issues with sentence structure but I will not go into detail as the author is already aware of this issue and is fixing it. I’m not sure when the book will be re-released but when it is I’ll share the link. You can still go to Amazon and read the description and view the cover (which is fantastic).


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