What to do with these teens?

Photo provided by Evan Wilman.  This is the cover for my upcoming novel.

Photo provided by Evan Wilman.
This is the cover for my upcoming novel.

A second preview of Nothing Everything Nothing, available in October. Part of the proceeds will go to Kids Help Phone to help teens in crisis.

Molly was halfway through her favourite song and chatting with Lance over Facebook when her mom called for her. She took her time pausing everything and stuck her head out her bedroom door. “What is it?” she yelled.
“Company! Why don’t you come and sit for a while?”
Molly huffed. “Fine!” She came into the living room and her frown deepened. Brandon and his mom were sitting on the couch.
“Hey, there you are. Grab a chair from the kitchen and join us. You’ve been cooped up in your room for days.”
“I have a lot of homework,” Molly muttered as she fetched the chair.
Barb smiled. “Brandon’s told me all about the project you two are working on. Maybe when it comes time to practice your presentation you’ll let us watch.”
“I’d like that,” Joanne said.
Brandon forced a smile. “We could try to arrange that, I guess.”
“Sure,” Molly said. “Why not? Doing it once in front of people is bad enough, what’s two or hell, even three more times?”
“Molly,” her mom snapped. “Language.”
Her mom frowned and an awkward silence hung in the air.
“I’m sure you two have a lot of work to do,” Joanne said. “I know Brandon didn’t bring his bag but they can work in Marlee’s room for a little while.”
“Mom, stop letting people into my room!”
“A girl’s room is her private place,” Barb said. “And she wasn’t expecting us. I’m sure there’re undies everywhere.”
“Fine,” Joanne. “At least grab your laptop and go downstairs.”
“I’ll meet you down there,” Brandon said.
“Do you see what I mean now?” Joanne said as soon as the teenagers were down the stairs. “I just don’t know what to do, Barb. It’s like she’s become a stranger these last few weeks.”
“We went through it too,” Barb replied. “I went a week without talking to my mom once. When I call her too often she likes to remind me of that little fact – followed by the suggestion that I repeat it.”
“Your mom has an evil sense of humour.”
“Yeah. Look, Molly’s going through a phase. You said there was a boy involved? She’ll get her heart broken and she’ll come crying to you and apologizing. Just remember to forgive and forget when the time comes.”
“I never know what to do with her. My parents were so strict, so conservative, that I rebelled as hard as I could and ended up out on my ass with a baby. But your parents were so laid back that you wound up pregnant too.”
Barb smiled. “They’re all different, and walking a middle ground is hard. You two will get through this. Just watch. I give it until the end of summer.”

Good advice? Maybe. You’ll have to read the novel to find out.
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