Here it is, as promised, the FIRST preview of Nothing, Everything, Nothing.

Molly is sixteen and she is desperate to be popular. She was finally accepted by a small gaggle of popular girls but always felt like she was on the edge, unable to take that last step to really belonging. Now she has Lance, an older boy who has eyes only for her. Popularity is finally within her reach, but at what cost?

Molly’s bad mood only got worse over the day. Because of her skipped classes she was behind in every subject and every teacher handed her missed notes and assignments, and expected the work to be handed in before the end of the week.
At lunch she was ready to go buy food from the canteen but Kirsten started going on about the new season of clothes coming in soon and the big season change sale and how nice it would be if Molly could shop the boutique stores with them and Lance had jokingly pinched her thigh. So Molly had a bottle of water for lunch even though her stomach was starting to cramp.
She loaded her bag and stormed out to the bus only to be intercepted by Lance. He smiled, took her bag, and wrapped an arm around her shoulders.
“Come hang out with me. I got us some beer.”
“I have a ton of homework.”
“I’ll help you with it,” he said, steering her away from her bus and towards the student lot. “I already passed those classes. I might even have some of those assignments laying around in an old binder somewhere, and then you could just copy the answers. Wouldn’t that be easier?”
“Yeah, it would be,” Marlee smiled.
She slipped into the car and they took off for Lance’s house. It was a nice house in a nicer suburb than Marlee lived in. Looking at the neighbouring houses she didn’t see any duplexes or townhouses which were the only types of housing on her street. Here the houses were mostly new with attached garages and big satellite dishes.
“Your mom has a nice garden,” Molly said.
Lance shrugged. “She likes digging out in the mud; I don’t see the point in it.”
“It makes the yard pretty, and it makes the house look like a nice, welcoming place.”
He smiled and kissed her forehead. “You’re such a sweetheart Molly.”
They went in the side door. Up a step was the kitchen that was nearly twice the size of Molly’s. Lance led the way down to the basement where a couple of couches took up most of the open space. There were doors along one wall and a small window near the ceiling of the other wall.
Lance went past the couches, turning on lights as he went. At the far end of the room was a bar fridge which Lance opened. He came back with two open beers. “Well, come on. Don’t be shy. I basically have the basement to myself so we can just kick back and relax. No one will bother us.”
Molly smiled and took the beer. She’d had wine a few times at special occasions and her mom had let her try beer once but she had found it too bitter and had never asked to try it again. Now she took a little sip and tried not to wince.
“Come on,” Lance said again.
Molly joined him on the couch and looked around. It was a standard basement rec room but since her basement was mostly unfinished and used for storage she thought it was very nice, and a little intimidating.
You’re popular now. You don’t have to care if your mom has a horrible basement, she thought, trying to push the insecurities aside.
Lance wrapped an arm over her shoulder and pulled her closer. “I like spending this alone time with you,” he said. “It’s nice not having Kirsten or the others here chattering at us or watching us.”
“I like Kirsten and the girls,” Molly said.
“So do I, they’re nice to hang out with, but not all the time. Sometimes I just want to be with you.” He kissed her cheek then turned her face so he could kiss her lips.
It wasn’t their first kiss but the others had all been quick and innocent. This one was lingered and seemed to ask for more. It made Molly’s stomach twist the same way waiting for a surprise did.
She’d never kissed a boy before Lance and she wasn’t sure how she was supposed to respond but she wanted more of those kisses so when he pulled away she leaned into him and kissed him again. He gave her kiss after delightful kiss all the while holding her close or caressing her arms and shoulders.
He finally pulled away, smiling. “I’ll put a movie on and we can enjoy our beer, and each other, for a few hours.”

Want to know what happens during those few hours? And in the next few weeks of Molly’s life?
NOTHING EVERYTHING NOTHING will be available October 2014.
Stay tuned for more previews.


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