Agency warns parents over child “sextortion”

Our kids are in school and out of our care for so much of the day. Be aware.

Global News

WATCH: Signy Arnason and Brittany Greenslade discuss child “sextortion” on the Morning News.

WINNIPEG – A Winnipeg based child protection group is issuing a warning to parents after getting an alarming number of tips about child “sextortion” across the country.

“That’s something that’s surprising to us,” said Signy Arnason, of the Canadian Centre for Child Protection.

The agency says teens are lured during social networking chats into providing explicit sexual  images of themselves, then confronted with the threat of the images being posted online if cash is not paid.

“Once you are done the activity, you think you are done, not realizing the other person is recording what you’ve done and that it is being used against you,” said Arnason.

The organization says it has received dozens of complaints about the online extortion schemes in the last two weeks.

The advocacy group says it appears the alleged perpetrators are adults based…

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