Editorial Joys

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I actually enjoy editing. I know, most writers will think I’m crazy, but whether it’s my own work or someone else’s I really enjoy the editing process. The last week has been great for me, since I’ve had to edit a short story for a friend and a novel for myself.

Ghost Writer by Christ Ticehurst will be appearing in AuthorAuthor’s first fantasy anthology. It’s a unique combination of romance, horror, fantasy, and music. Yes. It’s a musical. It will be available on Amazon as part of the free e-book and at-cost paperback titled “Entwined Worlds”.

Editing someone else’s work is always a challenge. You have to stay true to their vision and voice while making sure the story is technically sound, the plot is coherent and hole free, and that the writing is smooth and easy to read. Chris is wonderful to work with because his story is clear and his narrative voice is strong. For the most part his work only requires technical edits which, while tedious, are easy to work through.

The editing of my own novel was much more difficult, even though I didn’t have to worry about changing someone else’s voice or vision. My novel needed less technical editing (because I had done a lot of that before sending it to the beta reader) but I had entire scenes that needed to be shifted to other parts of the manuscript and entire scenes that had to be rewritten to fit the altered timeline. There are also a dozen or so scenes to be added and a few dozen lines across the manuscript that need minor rewording to match the new sequence of events. I had to create a calendar to keep the new sequence of events clear and a separate document for storing unneeded scenes just in case I needed a line (or the whole scene) at a later date.

Another aspect that made the novel, Nothing, Everything, Nothing, harder to edit was the subject matter. Dealing with the subject of suicide is difficult and emotional. When I finished outlining the sequence of scenes that ended with her suicide attempt I had to walk away from the computer and go snuggle my husband for a while. I know I’ll have trouble writing those scenes but I can’t skirt away from the emotional depth of those scenes or the novel will fall flat.

Ghost Writer is finished and submitted to the editor of the anthology. Nothing, Everything, Nothing is still in the editorial phases but I’m hoping to have the edits done before the end of the month so I can have it off to the Beta reader for a last proof reading.

Nothing, Everything, Nothing will be available on Amazon in ebook and paperback before the 31st of October so I can move on to my Nano challenge.

I’ll be releasing a preview soon.


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