Final Sneak Peek

Witty Bard Publishing’s first Science Fiction Anthology was released. Look for it on Amazon for e-reader. I’m hopeful the paperback edition will be up soon. In the mean time, why not read on for a final sneak peek into my short story, We Will Not Go Quietly?

Natalie was standing in the bathroom doorway, one hand clutching her stomach. “Are they gone?”
Kennedy nodded. “Yeah. Steve just got home, he scared them off.”
“I’ve never been so afraid in my life.”
Kennedy reached out and hugged her. “Me either.”
“I hate it, Kennedy. I hate being stuck here, I hate being afraid. I’ve always been afraid and I’m tired of it.”
Kennedy helped Natalie to the living room and fetched what was left of their wine and some candles from the kitchen. “What do you mean you’ve always been afraid? What did you have to be afraid of? You grew up in the suburbs with a good family and enough to eat!”
“There are things to fear here too. Like failure. And fathers.”
“Did your father beat you? Or rape you? Because where I grew up, that was reality.”
Natalie shook her head. “My mother was a World War II historian so I was always exposed to those stories and images. There was something about their pain that was so much more than the stories could tell that I tried to capture it myself. My father saw what I was working on and told me they were awful, ugly things, that I was corrupt and ugly inside, like my mother was. He said we were both wasting our time with a war that was eighty years in the past and completely irrelevant.”
“Stupid bastard,” Kennedy said, her voice quivering with anger.
Natalie huffed. “You’ve never seen them, how do you know he wasn’t right? And who actually wants to paint such awful things? I grew up thinking there was something wrong with me. I truly believed that if I painted what I loved I’d fail somehow at what I had set out to be.”
“I think you’ve got it backwards,” Kennedy said. “I think you fail when you stop trying to be the best you that you can be. I would love to see your paintings, if you kept them.”
Natalie nodded and led Kennedy to the attic door. They climbed up, taking the flashlights with them, and Natalie uncovered the stack of canvas.

Want to see what Kennedy sees when she pulls back the protective sheets? Pick up your copy of Witty Bard Publishing’s first Science Fiction Anthology, available tomorrow, on Amazon.

We Will Not Go Quietly is a story of a world silently at war and two women who have the courage to stand up for their believes against all odds. Come see how they overcome fear and step up to fight for a world on the edge of darkness.


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