Of Stars and Science: Tales of the Multiverse Release

The Witty Bard Publishing anthology, Of Stars and Science: Tales of the Multiverse, was released today, a whole two days early. Here’s the Amazon description.

Whether you like space travel or robots, there is something for you in this anthology! And, with a splash of romance here and there, it makes for a great read!

The stories and authors featured in this anthology are:
“Peace Talks” by Tristan Chambers
“We Will Not Go Quietly” by Casia Schreyer
“Maid in Ink” by Rie Sheridan Rose
“Faster Than Light” by Erik Schubach
“The Sin of A.D.A.M.” by John Kaniecki
“Landing Procedures” by Susan Bianculli
“Vacation” by John Haas

So far the collection is only available for Kindle e-readers and apps but the first two anthologies from Witty Bard are also available for paperback so hopefully, by Monday, the paperback edition of the Science-Fiction collection will also be available.

My story, We will not Go Quietly, is featured in this collection. I have been releasing sneak peeks this past week (with the last one coming out tomorrow). I also just downloaded my prize copy. I’ll start reading that in the car today while I’m driving around looking for lawn mowers.

(Clarification, my husband will drive, I will read).

Expect reviews on the other stories as they are finished.

http://www.amazon.ca/Stars-Science-Tales-Multiverse-ebook/dp/B00N5JNDS4/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1409404999&sr=8-6&keywords=of+stars+and+science – here’s the link to the e-book edition on Amazon.

Please help support 7 talented writers by spreading the word.


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