Witty Bard Anthology Sneak Peek #2

Only one week until the release of Witty Bard Publishing’s Science Fiction Anthology. My short story, We Will Not Go Quietly, is being included in the anthology. Want a little sneak peek? Keep reading.

They kept the phone plugged into the living room dock so they could at least try to work on their art while they listened and could switch to video if anything big came up. The stations played no music or entertainment programs now, even the daily soap operas were put on hold; the reports were too numerous and being updated too frequently for any interruptions.
Every state capital was infected. Every American city over ten thousand people was infected. North of the border Montreal and Ottawa had now been hit but because of the greater distances between large cities the Canadians were having better luck with the quarantine zones. Europe was nearing a state of political collapse. No one had heard anything from Australia in the last day. The death count in China was rising faster than anywhere but there were rumours of police violence.
Locally the looting had started. Employees were being taken to hospitals with various wounds, taking up beds that were already needed. Police were stretched thin. A curfew was put in place.
It was a week later in the middle of the international news that the entire house shut off without warning. Natalie sat in the dark, her heart thumping painfully in her chest. Kennedy reached out and gripped her hand, tight, and together they waited.
“I’m glad you’re here,” Natalie said.
“Natalie, I’m sorry I lied to you.”
“Lied? Kennedy, what are you talking about?”
“My boyfriend doesn’t exist. I don’t have a boyfriend or family really. I’m on my own, but telling people that lets them know they can waltz right in and take whatever they want because they know I’m not there. So I tell everyone I have a boyfriend who works weird shifts and sleeps lightly. No one bothers me.”
“If you’re asking for permission to stay here indefinitely, the answer is yes.”
The lights flickered back on and the television hummed to life. Some international reporter was relating more about the situation in China. “This is getting scary,” Kennedy said.
Natalie just nodded.

Natalie and Kennedy are unlikely roommates, staying together because the world is falling apart around them. But together they will find the courage to share some of their deepest secrets and face the ugliest realities.

We Will Not Go Quietly is a story of finding courage where and when you least expect it. It is about inspiration from the darkest places. And it is about finding your voice.

We Will Not Go Quietly will be featured in Witty Bard Publishing’s first science fiction anthology, available September 1st. Look for it on Amazon in print and for e-reader.


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