We Will Not Go Quietly

Psst! Want to a sneak peek at my winning story? We Will Not Go Quietly will be published in Witty Bard Publishing’s Science Fiction Anthology on September 1. Read on for a sneak peek.

“Good morning Chicago. Our top story today: the outbreaks. It has been less than twenty-four hours since the initial reports. Detroit is plagued with an unknown virus which has spread to the surrounding smaller towns. They are fighting to get it under control before it reaches Chicago or crosses the border into Canada. Las Vegas and Houston are both reporting severe flu viruses. Medical reports released early this morning suggest they are different strains. The list of infected cities has increased overnight with Washington DC, New York, Seattle, and Atlanta all reporting out-breaks. All flights in and out of the United States have been grounded. We have nothing new to report internationally at this time.
“This morning the government released this statement: ‘the wide spread nature of this outbreak suggests malicious intent. We received no threats and no one has stepped forward to claim the attacks in the name of any movement or organization but we cannot rule out terrorism. We don’t know where the viruses came from or even where they were released. People are advised to stay home.’
“Here in Chicago there is still no sign of an outbreak. Local police are asking everyone to remain calm and to go about their business like normal. They are supporting the government’s suggestion to avoid large gatherings to reduce the number of release points and minimize the chance of spreading the viruses.”

Natalie Peters wakes up to that very news cast Sunday morning. Follow her for the next two months as she faces rampant viruses and gangs of teenagers with dangerous intentions. Watch as a chance friendship grows into something beautiful and inspiring. And witness a Chicago art teacher overcome her darkest fears.

We Will Not Go Quietly is a story about fear and choice. It is about choosing to use your talents for the greater good. It is about standing up and making governments take notice.

We Will Not Go Quietly will be featured in the Witty Bard’s first Science Fiction Anthology, available September 1 on Amazon in print and for e-reader.


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