The Next Step

Hello Casia!

Congratulations!  You are one of the winners of Witty Bard Publishing, LLC’s first Science Fiction Competition!


So that’s what I find in my junk mail folder when I got back from vacation. No, this is not a prank, or a vanity press. I actually submitted a story with them and then forgot about it because I’ve never had a story accepted by a magazine before, or had one win a contest before. Okay, I’ve had a few e-zines pick up the occasional story, but never anything that pays.

So when I opened this yesterday morning (and the other two emails, one with the Author Profile questions and one with the revisions for my okay) I had a bit of excitement overload to say the least. The good news got posted on the Nano Facebook group, my author page, and my newsfeed. I told my grandmother because I was shopping with her yesterday. My husband called his mom and told her. We celebrated with steak.

Definitely excited and that excitement is feeding into my other projects. My short story for the AuthorAuthor fantasy anthology is complete (see previous blog entry). I’ve outlined the edits for my teen suicide/depression novel titled Nothing, Everything, Nothing. I’m 2/3 done converting the short story that just won into a screen play for another competition. And I have a hand-written rough draft of a novel (book one in a series, the AuthorAuthor short happens to be the prequel) waiting to be typed.

Needless to say the sweater I’m knitting for my sister is taking a long time.

But it’s full steam ahead with three projects to complete before Nano in November. Then two months of non-stop knitting as my creative brain resets. 

Oh, and the Witty Bard anthology will be released September 1st. I don’t have a title or any info on availability yet but as soon as I do, everyone will hear about it!


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