AuthorAuthor Fantasy Anthology

August 19th is the due date for short stories for the AuthorAuthor fantasy anthology, the first anthology being released by the Facebook group AuthorAuthor. If you missed the post on who/what AuthorAuthor is you can find it here:

We are hoping to have the book edited, with a cover and blurb, by September 19th, the proposed release date. We have 6 or 7 writers participating in this anthology: myself, Rebecca Palmas, Neil Burke, Chris Ticehurst, Marie Price, Melissa Velez, and Martin van Houwelingen. Each writer is aiming to provide an 8,000 to 10,000 word short story in the fantasy genre. These may be stand alone stories, prologues, prequels, or novel excerpts. Each author will be able to include a bio and links to their blogs/Facebook pages/websites/Twitter. I’m even hopeful for an author photo but that’s just me.

The book will be released on Amazon Kindle for certain. We’re still discussing other venues and formats. The book will be FREE. Always. The writers are not making a profit from this but we are hopeful that people will download the book, check out the stories, and maybe come looking for our personal projects. If we release a paperback it will be at cost, no profit to the author.

Buying a book is always the biggest support you can give an author. 7 writers are giving you the chance to sample their writing risk free. Please support indie authors by downloading this book when it becomes available and leaving a review. If you like a particular author look them up, follow their blog or Facebook page, look them up on Twitter, and if they have a book available you could always buy it.

In a few weeks I should have a cover design and story blurbs to share with you.


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