BIG Projects in the Works

I have two massive deadlines looming all of a sudden. Two windows of opportunity have opened and I’m going to try a double-jump and get through them both without crashing into the glass.

First, there is a script writing competition that closes on August 8th – OR – when they reach 200 entries. And last night they were almost at 100. So I have to MOVE.

Second, a good agent just opened up to submissions and I have a romance novel she might like – except it’s still a first draft. That means typing the second draft (the first draft is hand written), doing all the edits, and putting the submissions package together by August 31 because she closes her submission window on September 1.

Third, the script writing contest only requires 3-5 sample scenes (along with a summary and a screen treatment) so once the romance novel is done and sent I have to finish the script. The story is DONE already, I just have to transfer it from prose to script. And winners are notified around November 14th so I have to have it done ASAP in September, just in case.

If I get picked as one of the five winners I’ll be spending A LOT of time on rewrites and marketing stuff for that project over the next year. The only other thing I’ll be working on is that romance novel series IN CASE it gets picked up by the agent.

Of course it’s more likely that neither will get a bite and I’ll be back to the drawing board.

In any event, I’ll be absent for a few days as I complete the script package. But, here’s the logline for the script:

As global superpowers unleash hundreds of deadly viruses, a Chicago art teacher backs a revolution to prevent a dystopian future from becoming a dark reality.

Any comments or suggestions? I’m not 100% happy with it yet. But off I go to get it all done.


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