As I discussed in my last post on self-publishing, marketing and self-promotion can be hard. Readers won’t shell out ANY money for a novel unless they hear good things about it, or know the author. But marketing can be expensive – buying ads, printing book marks as give away items, it’s all out-of-pocket expense that may not pay off.

Well, here’s one idea for you to consider.

AuthorAuthor is a free and free-of-charge short story publishing platform, through which anthologies will be published by topic, at cost price rate for the reader, through the Amazon self-publishing service. For each book Martin van Houwelingen, the founder and directer or the group, hopes to find 12 authors who will each deliver 6000 words, be they complete short stories or story snippets from published or yet to be published books. To gather these stories he is using the Facebook group AuthorAuthor to bring authors together and get the word out about their existence and the books they published at no to low cost. In the first 12 hours of posing the idea of collaboration books, the member count has increased by 600% and is still climbing, though slower now that the first burst is over.
The writer will pay no fees to be published but will receive no profits from book sales as there will be no profits from sales. The book will cost only the printing costs and the Ebook version will be shared freely and for free where ever we can plant it.
Currently the topics consist of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Cyberpunk, Crime Noir and Erotica, but any topic can be brought into the mix by the writers themselves and start a collaboration. We’re hoping for more specific topics within these as more people join.
The purpose of this is for the writers to get a lot of exposure for their writing and to get their names out. Exposure to the market is the biggest problem writers have to face and I hope to break through that wall in this manner.People interested in their style or story snippet are then able to find the author via any contact information provided (an author facebook page, the author’s actual book on Amazon, or a personal website for instance)
Martin had this to add:
If others want to copy this project they are free to do so, but I do wish to warn that getting 12 authors to write something decent on the same topic and deliver their work on time is proven to be strenuous to say the least, and so I hope people will not set up their own plans, but join this one to create one big flourishing group that can turn out books by the bucket loads instead of a multitude of little struggling ones.
You can find Martin’s group here if you want to join or if you have questions:

Now, the reason I am supporting and promoting this project is because of two facts. ONE: FREE STUFF SELLS. and TWO: A reader won’t invest in your work if they don’t already like you.
My mom read everything at the library, and if she liked something she’d go out looking for that author, even if it meant buying their work. I’ve done it to. But getting your work to the library can be hard. So put a sample story, the prologue for your novel, a sample chapter, whatever, into a project like this. People will download it for free, no risk of lost money, and hopefully read it. Then they’ll come looking for you because now they know they like you.

I’m not yet at the stage where I can make use of a platform like this since my novels aren’t finished. But I will be helping out as a line editor and format editor. They’re looking for cover artists on the same terms. If you’re an avid reader I’ll be posting release dates here so you can pick up the free books and support indie writers.

Remember, us creative types are all in this together. If we promote each other and support each other we can make indie publishing better.

Edit: For an update on the first AuthorAuthor project see my latest blog post:


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